Thursday, 2 April 2009

Reading and Mathematics

Okay, I wasn't sure what to post about school this week, because I've tried to think of something really awe-inspiring about our progress. I was going to let it all slide through to next week, when I re-thought about it and decided that actually, no, there are two little points I'd like to mention.

The first one I don't have a photo for because it was late at night and it was one of those occasions when the kids were dawdling to get to bed, so we decided to pick ourselves some books to read. While I sat reading to tama 1, I could overhear tamāhine 1 in the background as she read out loud to herself. She was reading Pat-a-Cake which is one of the books we need to send back to the Correspondence School. Although we've read this book before, it was easily over a month ago that she did so. Anyway, as I said, I read to tama 1 while tamāhine 1 read also. When she finished the book I complimented her on reading it so quickly and correctly. There were only two words I needed to help her with ... (1) Simone, and, (2) vigorously. I was very impressed with the speed in which she read the book. The loveliest point of all, is that her older brother said, "wow! You read that really fluently!"

The second story I do actually have a photo for you. It's about learning multiplications. No doubt there's a specific term for this maths, but I'll have to relearn that one at some later date. However, my story goes like this. We are awaiting Math-U-See, (Beta) and while we wait, I've been making lessons up as we go along for tama 1. He has been practicing multiplications and although he has more to learn, I wanted to stretch his mind by trying the following long-hand double-digit multiplications.

To help him, I tried using colours for each step. It worked a treat. He grasped the concept by following the little system and although I'm probably not the first to come with the idea so I can't claim copyright let alone apply for the patent to make millions! lol I'll at least say I don't recall being taught this way and as I wasn't sure how to approach the method, I am tickled pink that it worked.
I won't necessarily expect tama 1 to continue this math, especially as Beta should arrive next week and we will follow the curriculum, but in the meantime if he practices and it furthers his knowledge then I'll be happy. Although tamāhine 1 isn't up to the same multiplication exercises, it won't be long before she is ready. I'm so glad I figured out a way to help that part of things at least.

Sure hope Beta arrives next week. We're all looking forward to receiving the manuals!!!

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