Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I could do with Tuesday being Thursday, lol

I felt like I had challenges more often than not today, so I don't have many photos for school.

My so-called challenges were nothing unusual, or of any real consequence but trying to keep everybody happy can have you running from one room to the other ... or one side of the room to the other ... or running outside because the baby decides to enjoy the puddles just a little too much!

Now, I still wouldn't class myself as a veteran homeschooling mum, but at least today I was able to remind myself, "it's going to be one of those days!" So although we accomplished our work, the timetable was thrown about. But that's okay, the kids and I don't notice that it's after 4 o'clock in the afternoon because we simply "go with the flow."

I have a tendency not to interrupt some activities for the sake of saying, "okay kids, it's time to do x, y or z." If I see they are doing something very constructive on their own, I let them carry on. And if one or both of the toddlers decide to throw a spanner in the works, then we adjust accordingly and simply go around another route to achieve the end goal.

The first couple of photos are tamāhine1 and tama 1 working on Alpha and Beta MUS respectively.
Math-U-See (MUS) is just such a great maths curriculum for our family. I enjoy the teaching style and truly believe we are getting value for money.
Granted, we did do a few math lessons over the break, but they were sporadic because I wanted them to enjoy a well-earned holiday. However, if we don't keep math practice up on a regular basis ... holidays, or not ... then it's easy for the children to slip backward. They hadn't forgotten a great deal this time round; just lost their rhythym due to the break. They were back into the swing easily enough this week.

Now, one of the interesting things about my eclectic homeschooling is my reliance on anything free on the internet. The biggest trouble about my internet method is that I have sooooooo many wonderful websites bookmarked that I can easily forget some. However, my friend Auriel reminded me of Starfall.com the other day. Auriel was printing some of their material and I thought, "hmm I should go back and see if I can use anything for tama 2 on there."
It's funny how one advances from the likes of these sites once your children are reading. However, I am always printing things out for tama 2 and it was quite nice to pull some of Starfall's printouts out again.

This is just too cute not to include. Our little tama 3 sat up for lunch and as tama 1 read to me while I prepared some more meals, I glanced across and hello, tama 3 had laid himself down and nodded off!

These are the books tamāhine 1 has read this week; "Mickey Mouse's Picnic" (read on Monday) and "Duck and his Friends" (read on Tuesday). Easily 400 words each. Her reading has improved so much, I'm really, really thrilled with her efforts.

I do like it when the children astonish me when they can read a word I would actually have thought they would stumble on, eg shoulder, mischief, murmured. It was words like oars, knot and heartily that took some thought for tamāhine1.
When it comes to tamāhine 1's reading, she is allowed to take whatever book she would like from our shelves. This week it would appear she has a running theme of Golden Books, lol.

There was one other activity I made with tama 2. Because it involves his name I won't be adding a photo to the blog. I'll simply describe the little exercise. A really easy one ... I made his name on paper, cut it into jigsaw shapes and he has to build his name. Good for those occasions when he asks "how do I spell my name?", but mainly it was something to do for him on a rainy day.

That's pretty much our schooling so far. Hopefully I'll post some interesting tidbits - especially science - later in the week.

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