Monday, 23 March 2009

Sharing a little of our day

We had our homeschooling friends come to visit this afternoon and not long after they left, the kids were riding their bikes when tama 1 came over to me to announce he'd lost his tooth while riding. Gosh, would you believe that's his fifth tooth gone?! We tried in vein to find it where he believes he lost it, but talk about looking for a needle in a haystack! I suggested he just write to the tooth fairy like he did when he swallowed one and he still got $2.00. That seemed to put his mind at ease. Phew!

Speaking of losing teeth; tamāhine 1 has her first loose tooth which should fall out any day now. She's nervously excited, yet I'm in a state of denial that she's growing up to start losing teeth already! Dear, oh dear, how quickly I have gone from being, for example, impatient waiting for the kids to walk and talk, to wanting the clock to slow down as they reach another milestone! lol

It's almost been a fortnight since we posted tamāhine 1's exemption application. To date we STILL have no reply. By all accounts the MoE (Ministry of Education) are experiencing delays in processing applications, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are looking over tama 1's application to make comparisions and note the differences I have made with tamāhine 1's application ... I'm probably only saying that for my own peace of mind I think; but hey, it sounds like a good enough reason eh?! I've decided if I haven't heard from them by Wednesday or Thursday then I will give them a courtesy call to ask if they have received it. You know, you'd think that they'd actually have a tear-off slip where you tick a box to ask them to return the bottom portion of the form to acknowledge receipt of your application. At least that way, you'd know it's in the pipeline!!!! Considering we have to fill in forms twice a year to have our homeschooling allowance apportioned, then I'd think my little idea wouldn't be too difficult to introduce?! Hei aha, tamāhine 1 doesn't turn six till April so I will take a deep breathe and remind myself to be patient.

We almost went with whaiāipo to Kirikiriroa today but for one reason or another, he went on his own. I feel for whaiāipo at the moment because his artificial limb is giving him a lot of grief. Last week, (or was it a fornight ago?) he went up to the Limb Centre to get a new foot. The knee joint needs replacing, but they have to send away for parts. In the meantime he's having to use the leg for work and it's not the least bit comfortable for him. To top it off, this morning he went to put on his prosthetic leg and hello, the valve keeper wouldn't work which, put simply, means he couldn't put it on! So, up to Kirikiriroa to be fixed. The parts for the knee still aren't there, so it means yet another trip in the near future! Ah well, he's neat though because he no sooner returned to Rotorua, when he picked up a library book I needed returning and dropped it back in for me. What a sweetheart indeed eh?!

As for school work itself, the children did very well today. By all accounts, yes, we could have achieved a little more mahi, but I was pleased with what they achieved. We covered the basics as usual: maths, writing and reading. And wouldn't you know it?! Here I was concerned that tamāhine 1 is confusing herself with additions and multiplications, but today she sailed through and in fact, she added up in her head 14+14+14. How wicked is that? She added two equations like that today and I was suitably impressed. She just needs to learn to distinguish the difference between the "x" and the "+". Other than that, she did beautifully today and I think that was down to me making sure I mixed up her equations (addition, subtraction and multiplication) rather than multiplication only. That made all the difference.

Final word is about Math-U-See. I felt good sharing our Decimal Street poster thing with Auriel and the kids to play with for a while. We brought it out this afternoon for the younguns to use so I thought they might appreciate taking it home for a bit. I'm sure tama 2 will cope without it for a few days!!

That's about all I wanted to jot down tonight.

I'm hoping to record as much as possible this week in little spurts rather than a huge lump of a post. But as you can see, no photos tonight!! Just a nice simple chit chat about our day.

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ka kite ano

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