Friday, 13 March 2009

Prayers for my mum

Please pray for my mum who went into hospital last night.

Mum had her regular blood tests (around 11ish yesterday morning) after which she and dad popped out for a visit. As nice as it was to see her, I didn't think she looked very well, so it was just as well they didn't stay too long for her to get really exhausted.

They no sooner arrived home when the hospital rang to say they needed mum up there asap. Mum had the lowest of lowest readings she has ever had so they wanted her there pronto to get her ready for yet another transfusion.

Dad rang me to say he was taking her up there and that he would phone when he got home. Well, Maree being Maree and the worry-wart that I am ... started phoning and texting her brothers to see if they'd heard from dad because there was no reply at 9 o'clock at night at home. Around 10 or 10.30, I was talking to my younger brother when dad walked in the door. Apparently mum will be having a very long blood transfusion (16 hours apparently!) That's like four bags of blood or something! Dad had come home to gather some gear and was returning to stay the night with her.

The children and I were planning to go with whaiāipo up to Kirikiriroa - to the Limb Centre, as he has an appointment this morning. But, well, I've decided to stay home to be by the phone. I realise there's nothing I can do and that mum will be okay, but it doesn't stop a daughter from wanting to stay nearby until she knows how things have gone.

I have a long wait ahead of me to hear how mum is doing ... so please pray she will be okay.

Oh, by the way, my mum has a form of anaemia, which, by all accounts seems to be getting worse ... and as her daughter, I don't like that !!!!

Love you mum.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano


  1. Lots of prayers for your mom, your dad -- all your family.

  2. I tuned in to your blog in great anticipation but was very saddened to see this title. As her daughter you didn't need the blood test did you? You had commented on how unwell she looked yesterday. Just shows how well you know her.

    You can bet my thoughts are with you and yours. xxxxxxxxxxx