Sunday, 29 March 2009

Motorcross at Horohoro, Rotorua

Sunday morning we loaded up and headed to the local Rotorua Motorcycle Club at Horohoro.

These are the only photos I have I'm afraid. As for the video clip it lasts all of two seconds, lol, but I've thrown it in anyway as these are the only record I have of the day. The reason I've included the weblink above is because the page you'll be directed to has an aerial shot of the two tracks. Seniors to the left and mini's to the right. The only trouble with aerial shots is that you can't tell the contour of the land. We were shocked at the hills and dips the mini's track has!!! So gnarly as the term goes that whaiāipo and I had to make the awful decision to only let tama 1 ride. Although we are confident tamāhine 1 and tama 2 could tackle the course, they would need a little bit of practice on the track before we could allow them to "race".

That's not a criticism of the track at all, because you can only find these things out when you go there right?! ... Absolutely. Had we ventured there on practice days then we would easily allow the younger ones to get out there, but considering there were proper racers there, we had to make the decision and know it was the right thing to do. So, what I'm saying is, it's a great track and I know our kids will gain a lot of skill on it, but unless your kids have had exposure to similar terrain, you'd want to take them up there for practice-only sessions, not even a fun day like we attended. There are AMAZING riders on this track. Kids only a little older than tama 1 were absolutely FLYING on the track and it was really exciting to be entertained by their skills. Other than one other youngun (that I'm aware of, so excuse me if I've blundered in my understandings here) tama 1 was only other new rider to the track.

In true tama 1 style, he rode without fear or intimidation. I know I'm still a novice at all this motorcross stuff, yet it's in whaiāipo's blood so although I was in a state of shock that they placed by baby with these trial riders for his first ride, neither father and son were the least bit perturbed.

Anyway, that's probably enough chit chat. Time to check out the pics ... Registration at 8 o'clock and wait for fog to lift before riding around 10 o'clock
Because the fog took so long to lift, there was no time for practice rides so our baby was thrown in the deep end with truly "experienced" riders
Daunting for mum, but not a bother for father and son
Super short two-second video clip before battery died on me!

Most definitely we will return to the Horohoro, Rotorua track. We are still keen to travel to other tracks but at least we can say we've been to our home track and know what it entails now.

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