Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Summer family visits

We enjoyed a surprise visit from another of Rob's brother's today. Uncle Kerry and Aunty Tracey popped over with Nana Nancy which was really lovely.

Tamāhine 1 had just completed her double digit addition exercises, but tama 1 was dragging his heels a little with his triple digit additions. Hei aha, his Uncle kindly sat patiently at the kitchen bench with him and watched, listened and enjoyed seeing his young nephew apply himself to his work.

I think the above photos indicate how the rest of our day went really, eh?! Yes, school was out for a long recess after tama 1 completed his maths. It was lovely to witness the close bond between whaiāipo and Kerry as they caught up on life and proudly spoke of their children (amongst other things) with each other.

Because they could enjoy a good length of time with us today, they were able to watch the kids ride their motorbikes, have a swim, go for a walk and play explorers in the bush area and even take them out for a drive to buy some lunch. Had the two babies not been sleeping, we would have all gone out but it was just as much fun having a banquet at our own table.

Tamāhine 1 bonded beautifully with Aunty Tracey. Tracey has a wonderful nature and dotes on our tamariki. It was especially lovely to see tamāhine 1 enjoy some girly-girl time. Kerry and Tracey enthusiastically involved themselves in conversation and play with the children which was truly special indeed.

We will catch up with them over the weekend ... well, Kerry at least. He is heading up to Pukekohe on Friday like us. I'm hoping we arrive there in time to watch Uncle Russell practice. That way the kids will see the Velocettes on the track. No doubt whaiāipo will have a ride himself as he hasn't been on the family bikes for such a long time. He's bound to get involved in the mechanics of it all too!!! Should be a lot of fun.

Once our manuhiri left, it was back into kura ...

Tamāhine 1 read a rebus story with comprehension exercises. I'll have to raise my hand here and say I didn't know what the term rebus story meant!! I think I've just always called them a picture story or some such thing. Oh well, there you go then!! I've learned something new myself, lol.

The children also caught up with their handwriting and then tamāhine 1 completed her reading of The Best Halloween of All - 693 words. Some of the words were very tough, eg wedge, announced, album, ruined and knobs to name but a few. Quite tough vocabulary when you think about it, nē rā ?

Tama 1 did a very good job working on his adverb exercises. We worked on four of nine pages today rather than trying to complete the entire lesson in one afternoon. ( I certainly had to think about the answers on a couple of questions, lol.)

Oh, before I close off for the evening, I forgot to mention something yesterday (although I did actually record it on the Correspondence blog).

Monday 19 January 2009 -
tamāhine 1 completes the entire Montessori course!!

I'm very, very proud of her accomplishment. Such a wonderful achievement indeed.

Well, I've just got off the phone speaking to my cousin Douglas in Tāmaki-makau-rau (Auckland). He's very excited to be hosting his big cousin for a change and has insisted we don't need to bring anything. I'm definitely grateful for his hospitality and insistence we just turn up because quite honestly, I have no idea where we will fit anything. Once our family of seven clambers into Dora the Explorer, there is very little leg-room. As it goes, the buggy will be tied to the roof!!!!

Might I also just add, I am actually feeling quite nervous at the prospect of leaving Rotorua for our first holiday in ten years!!!

While I spoke to Douglas, whaiāipo and the children moved the goats. So before I go, here's a photo of my grubby little tama 3 leading one of the goats to a new spot. (I wonder if the goats will miss us?! They won't know what it's like to not have any of us visit them daily!!!)

It's 8.30pm and he's refusing to come inside, still

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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