Sunday, 18 January 2009

A new week unfolds

The older children went out with whaiāipo this afternoon. They headed off to a friend's farm to go riding for a few hours.

They left with three bikes but came home with two

Don't ask me which one (because I have no idea looking at the photo!!!), but our blue one we got for the kids at Christmas and the other two we purchased just last week; the yellow one for us and one of the blue ones for Charles. Whaiāipo collected them on Tuesday night.

Charles came down to ours on Wednesday night to ride with the kids, but today was the first opportunity whaiāipo had to take Charles's bike to the farm.

I'm quite sure we will be saving to buy a third for ourselves though because tama 1, tamāhine 1 and tama 2 (yes, he's only just turned four years of age!!!) all enjoy riding these bikes.

Our friend's son, Charles, is eight years old and gets along beautifully with our tamariki. It's great to have a friend who is only a few years older than tama 1, and it doesn't hurt that Charles shares the same interest as Romankids, lol.

View of Lake Tarawera from the farm
Photos above and below of tama 1

Another view from the farm - this time
Lake Okataina in the background
I stayed home as we had visitors arrive just minutes before we piled into the car. That was okay, Ngataiaroha is only a few months younger than tamāhine 2 so it was easy enough for me to stick around here while whaiāipo took the three older kids.

The children's surrogate/foster grandmother, Maureen, came over from Tauranga also. With a bit of luck we should be seeing more of Nana Maureen as she may have reason to travel to Rotorua more frequently. Yay! for us.

She has a beautiful, genuine wairua (spirit) and I do hope she manages to visit us more often this year. Maureen has a great passion for life and I value her friendship dearly.

Now, before I go ...

Yesterday I promised to include a clip of the children swimming, I know, but because they went out riding they didn't get home till after 6 o'clock. They no sooner arrived home when dark clouds appeared cooling the early evening very quickly, and besides it was time to think of preparing kai and settling in for the evening.

Weather permitting, I will record a clip during the week.

In the meantime I'll share drawings by tama 1. Riding motorbikes and swimming are two of his favourite activites this summer.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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