Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Dipping our feet to start with

My plan was to recommence school last week, but as I had been expecting friends to visit for the week, I (easily) put school off to this week instead. As it transpired, our friends didn't come so I probably should've got cracking and tried school, but in all honesty, the weather was simply too delicious to be stuck indoors for any length of time, lol.

However, we got things underway today ..

One thing that worked in our favour this morning was the fact that tamāhine 2 had a very early nap. It's not often that she naps in the morning anymore, so I made jolly sure we took full advantage of this opportunity.

It felt as though we'd been away from school for months. Everything felt awkward - almost foreign. I'm just glad I chose to ease our way back into things today.

Having had a break of more than five days from mathematics, I paid particular attention to holding a very short lesson today. Tamāhine 1 found it easier to use the blocks for a few equations which was fine, of course. Tama 1 found it easier when I sat down and worked through the thought-process together. Anything that reassures the kids is fine by me.

One of our routines has always been tama 1 (or tamāhine 1 now of course) reading to me as I prepare morning tea or lunch.

Tama 1 reading from Story of the World Volume 1
(he had no idea I caught him on video, lol)


The only one I didn't understand was "pa."
If you look in the next photo ...
see the second picture on the top line
(above tama 1's hand) has a character holding a key?
Do I guess that means Pennsylvania?
The answer had pa. which didn't really help me.
I didn't want to make the assumption that just because
www.schoolexpress.com is American-based that
it would be the State of Pennsylvania. So please
let me know ... thanks.

We had many visitors today, the last of which was Nana Nancy who popped over to collect something from whaiāipo. Once Nana left I couldn't finish this post as I needed to get the littlies to bed, so I'm quickly completing this on Tuesday morning in between breakfast and chores.

With a bit of luck I will post after school each day ... well, that's the intention ... we shall see, lol.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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