Monday, 26 January 2009

A pictorial view of our Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Kia ora koutou!

Rotorua was bathed in sunshine for the provincial anniversary weekend and although our whānau had coughs and runny noses, we made the most of the beautiful weather.

Friends and village neighbours shared the fun with our family, and I've tried to capture as much as I possibly could with the digital camera.

This is by no means full coverage of the weekend, but I hope you'll sit back and enjoy the following pictorial glimpse with me ...


Friends came for the afternoon; we celebrated Donald's new job which is less than 10kms from our kāinga!
He will commence 9 February

PS Happy Birthday to Campbell who will turn six this coming Wednesday!

Bake cookies
Whaiāipo spent a good portion of the morning
carrying out maintenance on the children's push bikes

Remember the $4.00 bike we scored from the Recyling Centre?
Here's tama 2 taking it for a spin to make sure everything's AOK
once whaiāipo had finished with it.

Tama 3 was very keen to have a go too!

Kids were in their usual creative spirits ... even though they didn't feel 100%

Tamāhine 1 made a rocket ... the cone part was squished by her little sister though!
Hei aha

Tama 1 made this jetpack

Following is none other than the night sky
Tama 1 not only used the hole punch to make this,
but he then used the black dots to make dalmation dogs


! Joel and Chase return from working on their aunty's farm
in Taihape over the Christmas holidays
(It was a long month to be without them!)

It wasn't long before the boys got itchy to ride the bikes

Tama 1

Joel on Rob's XR200


Bake a cake ...

More friends to say hello to ..

this time they're old school pals of whaiāipo


We catch up with Marcus a few times a year,
but this is the first time I've met Gavin

I love living where we are.
We may be on the State Highway, but it comes
in handy for anyone passing by to simply
pop in as they go past

Later in the day ...

Take a ride with dad


Start mowing the lawns
Fix the tyre with the boys

And the brakes

Practise a little fractions

"Do you want to take a photo of my helmet, mum?"

Mow some more lawns
Enjoy an evening stroll

Take dad for a ride

And finally, tama 1 made this little booklet

(remember, just double click to get enlarge the picture)

So there you have it. A small window into our weekend.


what's really exciting is knowing whaiāipo has
only a four day working week this week and then has the month of February off !!!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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