Friday, 5 December 2008

Preparing for Christmas

Our week has been hectic indeed. We have:
  • had two birthdays in the space of six days. Tama 2 turned four and tama 3 turned one;
  • emptied the pool in preparation of a new liner which we hope to receive by mid-week next week - or failing that by the end of the working week next week ... fingers crossed.
  • been busy cleaning around the property in preparation for family coming this weekend as well as being tidy for the holiday season;
  • dressed the Christmas tree, put up decorations and pulled out the few Christmas music CDs we have. Here's a few of our home-made crafts ...

Granted, snowflakes aren't exactly a Southern Hempishere feature at Christmas time,
but they do look pretty for decorating!
The kids helped me to fold the snowflakes and I cut the different patterns.
For a novice, I think I did pretty well?! lol
  • received school work for tamāhine 1 and tama 2 which they are enjoying very much;
  • travelled out of town for the first time in months as a family ... okay, it was only to pick up something work-related for whaiāipo, but it was an opportunity for us all to venture out together. I can't resist adding a photo of our family car ... we must've looked so funny travelling 100kmph ... all we needed were flames coming out the back of the cylinder to look like we were flying or something, lol;
I think I'll keep the post short and sweet today because our week has been full of so many positives and aroha that I simply don't need to say much more . I feel blessed indeed that the Lord has kept us together as a strong, loving family. The events of the past are now history.

Our present and our future await us.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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