Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nine sleeps to Christmas and we're already enjoying our break

What are we up to? Well, at the moment I would call it a term break. I planned this period earlier in the year because I wanted to have time before Christmas to allow the children and I to not only (a) enjoy the summer sunshine; (b) prepare for upcoming festivities; but also (c) have time to appreciate and give thanks for our whānau.

Funnily enough, I haven't actually been completely blog-free since I last posted. In fact it may surprise you to learn that I've created a new blog for the children's Correspondence School. Thanks to my dear friend we discovered we were eligible to take part in an Early Childhood programme through the Correspondence School of New Zealand.

Now, although I've known about the Correspondence School for donkeys years - I've even taken a few of their papers myself many, many, MANY, years ago - it wasn't until recently that I learned they provided the Early Childhood Service.

Creating the new blog has been loads of fun and I invite you to follow the link to join us on our latest adventure. The layout is simplistic to keep it as crisp and fresh as the apples template indicates, lol.

What are your plans for Christmas?

More than likely we won't be heading away from Rotorua for the holidays, but that's fine by us. We will have plenty to keep us entertained right here at home. The biggest thing our family will be enjoying is the pool which we purchased near enough a year ago now. Because it was second-hand it wasn't too much of a shock to find the liner couldn't handle the transfer. By the end of last summer the liner had a couple of tears in it so we decided to save up to buy a new one.

Whaiāipo and the children made a great job of installing the new liner on the weekend didn't they? The installation won't be 100% complete until this weekend as whaiāipo needs to purchase a couple of bits 'n' bobs but we did allow the children to have at least a half hour's splash on Sunday. Considering they put in a lot of effort, we couldn't very well deny them the pleasure now could we?

This year we have been able to do some of the most simplest of things which were previously out of our reach (eg get the public library! buy coloured paper and coloured ink cartridges! Buy groceries on a weekly basis! Pay bills on time! ... there's a long list folks but I think y'all get the drift?!)

I especially give thanks for our (in the whole sense of the word) "beautiful" children. They have brought us great pleasure and I feel honoured to be their mother.

I am filled with warm fuzzies knowing that we will be continue to be better off with each passing year.

Yes, a lot of my December has been spent simply kicking back with the whānau and recharging the batteries. I have taken stock of what 2008 has meant to me. To sum it up in one word?


Well, if I don't post before Christmas let me pass on my best wishes to you and your family now for a safe, joyous and very blessed Christmas.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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