Saturday, 27 December 2008

Meri Kirihimete

What time did Christmas Day start in your household?

Before 6 o'clock we had Christmas stockings to start our day

While I made fresh biscuits for the neighbours, family
and our own munchies, whaiāipo and the three
bigger kids spent the bulk of their day
doing what they enjoy most

Although I don't tend to include these kinds of photos on the school blog,
I simply can't resist sharing this one of whaiāipo because it
epitomises (for me at least) how happy whaiāipo is nowadays.

Nana Nancy came over from Tauranga just after midday
bearing more gifts

The children set about filling the pool while whaiāipo worked
at the BBQ and was able to watch them go about their
labours in complete safety

I feel truly blessed to have a happy household filled with love and laughter.
I can say with hand on heart that this has been the best Christmas I have had in a very, very long time!!!
There's a load of things I've missed out but these photos are merely highlights of a special day; centred around Christ's birth, sharing with our village neighbours
and building strong bonds as a family.

We had a truly fantastic Christmas Day.

This was confirmed when I overheard dialogue between father and daughter as they were walking upstairs to bed on Christmas night. Here's but a very short snippet of their conversation:

Whaiāipo: Wasn't it a wonderful day today?

Tamāhine 1: Oh yes, it was the best daddy! I wish we could start the day all over again!

My sentiments exactly!!!!!


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