Monday, 3 November 2008

Time has just simply flown by

The story begins: 'One day, the Earth was feeling very sad. She sent a message to her birds all over the world and said to them: "I need your help. Please will you gather together in one place so that I can speak to you?"' So starts the adventure of the birds who flew beyond time. Birds of all kinds, from every region of the world, respond to the Earth's call. She tells them that she is dying - her land and rivers and oceans are being poisoned and her beautiful planet is ravaged by war. Can the birds help her? If they are to do so, they must set out on a special journey. They must fly through seven terrible valleys, overcoming the monsters that live in each valley, until they find the Great Being who is the life of all life. Then they must bring back to Earth the message they are given. Full of fear but encouraged by their guide, the Hoopoe, the birds set out on a journey that is ours as well as theirs - a journey that transforms the destructive elements of the soul and frees it to act on behalf of life.

Tamāhine 1 worked diligently on her maths, reading and writing. She powered through Lesson 12A to 12D. She chose to start reading Flip by Wesley Dennis from our own library. She read almost three-quarters of the story in one sitting.


Yes, that's right, we had a school-free day. The majority of our day was spent in the city. Tamāhine 2 had her first dental appointment. Granted, it was just a check-up, but I ended up nattering with Misa. It's a nice feeling having people who know my family. It immediately puts me at ease ... until they ask how so-and-so is related. That's when I feel koretake (incompetent etc). As much as whakapapa is important to me, I can easily be stumped how (for example) my fourth cousin is related to me. Then of course there's that difficulty of when you grew up everybody was referred to as aunty and uncle. When you become an adult you suddendly discover they aren't your aunt or uncle at all. They may be your cousin, or be no relation at all!!!! lol.

We also checked in with the whanau to see if they needed a hand with anything. They convinced me they had everything organised. "Just a little bit of running around" but nothing they couldn't handle .... yeah, right! I should've really pushed the question....


Late morning I get the phone call, "have you got any ...?"

No problems. I got myself and the children organised. We finished our maths at least which is important. Tamāhine 1 completed the remaining Systematic Review 12E, 12F and corresponding Test. Tama 1 produced good results with his 3 digit subtraction. So, okay, we didn't complete much more, but helping out for mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary was far more important.

Let's just say that just after midnight on Friday night whaiāipo and I finally finished wrapping over 100 truffles and taping what wedding photos we could into the album. We actually ran out of sticky tape so come Saturday morning, my dad is driving out to our place grabbing the album, buying more double-sided sticky tape etc and my brothers and niece quickly finished off the album. Our niece ran out of time to coat the remaining truffles, but it didn't matter. As per usual, we over-catered, so no-one missed out.


Mum and Dad on their wedding day,
1st November 1958

The past week has been great, but Saturday was simply fantastic. It was a mad dash (literally) for us to get to the celebration.

Princes Gate Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand

We all gathered by 1 o'clock and were seated shortly thereafter. My brothers and I had booked it till 5 o'clock as there was another party booked for 6 o'clock. The afternoon raced by and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Everyone adjourned to a relation's house and they all partied on till 4 or 5 the next morning.

I could really go on about how special the day was and how wonderful our children were. Everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) commented how well-behaved they were. I was so proud of them. I was also very proud of my brothers and especially proud of my niece. She made a fantastic job filling in for her dad (our eldest brother who couldn't make it home as he's in Kuwait --> but he has a special surprise mum and dad have yet to find out about). Most of all, I was very proud of my parents. Here they are 50 years on in their marriage and still as much in love today as they were when they first met. Surrounded by so many family and friends, it was a true testament to them.

And there you have it. We are now back down to earth and looking to the beginning of a new week. Would you believe I've even received my next semester's extramural folder? What is it this time? ... Greek Mythology!!!!

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