Tuesday, 25 November 2008

One, two, three. four, five ...

How many pips, e tama?

It's hard to believe that our little man will be turning four on Thursday! Wow, it just doesn't seem possible and yet of course it is.

He brings me so much joy and laughter. Like when I watch him riding his pushbike I just smile from ear to ear. He skids to a halt just like his six-year old brother and five-year old sister. Tama 1 may now ride without hands (and for some distance too I hasten to add), but tama 2 won't be far behind in achieving this skill. He's able to ride with one hand and his latest thrill is to ride side-saddle down the hills!!! Such is the daredevil in him.

He's very independent and refuses assistance when offered and as many of you know, his speech is slow in coming, however, each day we have new vocabulary sneaking in which is definitely pleasing to us all.

The above photo is a typical example where he doesn't appreciate assistance. He will happily start adding 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... but sometimes he may forget or skip 6 or 7 so if we try to correct him he will shake his head and say, "no, no, no...." and then start over again. He also likes to "play" you too. He'll start adding (or saying the alphabet) and at any given moment he'll pretend to have forgotten the following number or letter but flick you a wry smile as if to say, "well, c'mon ... are yah gonna 'tell' me the next one?" and before you can do so he quickly says the correct number or letter and continues; all the while smiling knowing he "bluffed" you!!!!

A very cheeky character indeed is our tama 2. He will definitely be the child to make you laugh ... and make you wonder if he' s fibbing or telling the truth.

Tama 2 loves to get into his schoolwork each day. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, he will nab the computer wanting his turn. The last couple of days he's made himself comfortable on the chair and attempts to dictate to me what he wants to do. Although I will giggle to myself, I remind him whose boss (yeah, right!) and when he's happy with his choice, he's away. As soon as he's had enough, he'll grab the colouring-in equipment and create something, or simply head outdoors and find something to entertain himself.

As for tama 3 , well, he's changing his sleeping pattern at the moment so we're having to adjust/tweak/alter our schedule. Today's schedule was very much a repeat of yesterday simply because it worked so well and I was quite sure tama 3 would still be trying to settle into a new routine.

As long as we try to get a hikoi or two in, we're happy. It is always well utilised because we discuss many things as we venture around the track, so whether the children realise it or not, we're still holding classes even though it just seems as if we're having a general chit-chat.

Every Monday to Friday at 3.45pm we hear the school bus come to a stop a few houses along from us. A definite indication that Joel is home. The children will do their best to compete their mahi by 4 o'clock because from any time thereafter Joel will be over to see if the kids can play. Today however, Joel was here within seconds of the bus dropping him off. He appeared to be in a fluster so I immediately asked if everything was okay. "Yeah, but I've got my exams tomorrow and I wanted to know if I could borrow some stuff."

"Of course you may! What do you need?"

And then as quickly as he arrived he was off again............

............. "Mum? What's an exam?" tama 1 asks .....

That was pretty much the end of our school day once we finished that discussion!

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