Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mum ... waiporoporo?

I forgot to mention yesterday that tama 2 has started a little ritual of his own as we go for our daily hīkoi (walk). At a specific point around the track, tama 2 will say "mum ... waiporoporo ... purple?" and so begins revision of Māori colours. Okay, so let's just remind ourselves, tama 2 hasn't found perfect speech overnight, but that's not a bother. I understand what he's saying and I can hear his attempts well enough to acknowledge whether he's correct or not. But it's quite gorgeous how he has picked the same place to have our lesson. It starts at the same spot and ends at the same spot. He's dictated to me when he wants to practice. He also uses that same area to pick putiputi (well, dandelions, clover etc) for his mum and we pop them in little vases on our return.
Points we want to remember for future review:
  • A consonant blend is also called a cluster.
  • What is a vowel digraph? Two vowels that, together, make one sound.
  • R-controlled letter - when you put an "r" behind a vowel it usually changes the way that vowel sounds.
  • The letter "r" is called a Bossy R when it forces the vowel to change its sound.
  • When two words are joined together what kind of word is created? A compound word.
  • In writing, what is a contraction? A single word made by adding two words together with an apostrophe. The word "won't" is an exception to the rule.
  • When making a contraction with "will" and "not", replace the "ill" in "will" with an "o"
  • Turn the words "will" and "not" into a contraction.
The weather was absolutely brilliant today and as such we made the most of getting outdoors. It certainly helps revitalise the kids and myself to crack on with work for sure.

Tamāhine 1 is coming along beautifully with her reading. Today for example I was helping tama 1 and in the background I could hear tamāhine 1 reading. I don't think she realised herself how quickly she had read her sentence. I am absolutely delighted with her all-round efforts so today was very pleasing indeed.

We had a few unscheduled interruptions today, but we've managed to make good progress all the same. Tomorrow we will be out to the dentist as tamāhine 1 has an appointment so there may, or may not be a post. For all you regulars hanging out to read this mind-blowing blog, I hope you won't be too disappointed if the latter should be the case, lol.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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