Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I plum forgot the International Space Station

Such a pity! I would have really enjoyed listening to the Wairarapa Home Schooling Association speaking with ISS.

I remembered at 12 o'clock, I remembered at 2 o'clock ... and then I didn't think of it again until 5 o'clock!!!!! No excuses, I just simply forgot.

What a pity indeed.

I was especially pleased with tamāhine 1's recall with her subtraction. She stumbled at first to work out (for example) 14 - 9 = ____, but after a little help she got into the swing of things and then surprised me just how quickly she could answer the remaining questions. (Oh, BTW, she hasn't used blocks or her fingers for weeks.)

Language Arts
Tama 1 enjoyed his Language Arts lesson this afternoon. He had 20 questions and he recognised all grammar points. I was very pleased because we haven't practiced these in recent times. He had adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs and prepositions.

Well, just a short post this evening. I'm feeling rather tired tonight so my brain is turning to jelly.

The children and I are waiting for whaiāipo to come home. He went back to a restaurant which he worked on before finishing tonight, but because they're a restaurant, it would've been inconvenient to turn their water off. Although it's only a 5-10 minute job, whaiāipo figured he'd go back around 8 when it was quieter and finish the job then.

He's now rung to say he's on his way home (yay!) and I'd like to get the children to bed as soon as he gets home. It's 20 to 9 and we're all still downstairs. When whaiāipo was self-employed, we would ALWAYS wait downstairs for him to come home. Quite often the children would all fall asleep down here and I would have to carry them upstairs to bed. It never bothered me though, because it shows how much the children love their daddy and are concerned for him to get home to his whānau.

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ka kite ano

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