Friday, 7 November 2008

Great results

The children diligently worked on their lessons today and I am extremely proud with their efforts:

But wait! There's more ....

Tama 1 has asked on a couple of occasions what homework is. The question has been sparked from hearing me ask our neighbour's son what he had for homework, so today I kind of gave him an idea, by working on the following lessons:

Inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. [Did mum know what this meant? ... nope!]
  • An equation is balanced, or the same on either side of the equal sign. A number fact is made up of three numbers. The numbers can be used to make up other number facts. Knowing one fact can help with other facts.

Language A
Story comprehension, for example:
Q: A question using the word 'What' is asking for?
A: information.

We worked on these areas around 5.30pm-6.30pm to give not only tama 1 but all the children an appreciation of how school children would have to wait till they got home, played for a bit and then sat down to do some homework. It helped also when Joel (our neighbour) popped over around that time to ask if the kids could play and I explained tama 1 had some more mahi to do. You could see they were both itching to just get outside and play, so I believe I defined the meaning rather succinctly, lol.

Because we had friends coming over this afternoon, school was condensed to the morning time only. I haven't actully prepared a schedule because I'm too jolly disorganised, lol. My father rang this morning and asked if I could do something for them, so I obliged of course which meant leaving the children to get on with their mahi at the table without me. Well, I was within earshot and available should they need my help, but they just knuckled down and worked so that they didn't have to be working when their friends arrived.

So yes, friends came over and many cups of coffee later it was time for them to head off again. We had a brilliant time together and as always the children played well with each other. I have to admit, I now question my ability to do nature studies!!!! My friend's 5 year old found a baby bird. He comfortably held the bird in his hands and I was at a complete loss to think how we could get the bird warm, let alone fed to remain alive. Well, a few minutes later, my girlfriend announces the bird is injured and then (thankfully), Joel arrived... let's just say ... Joel took care of things. Oh blimey! How koretake am I?!!! That's where I truly value and envy my girlfriend and her teaching methods with her kids. They really have the concept of nature down-pat. Our kids can't fish, hunt, let alone pick up a baby bird without wincing. But I am sooooooooooo glad they are involved in our lives. It's been years now since my girlfriend and I have been tramping together, but it's beautiful to think our children may have that bond in their lives at some stage.

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