Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Focussed today

Tama 1 started at 8 o'clock this morning. I kind of interrupted his breakfast asking him to have a look at something on the computer and then we ... well ... we kinda just ... y'know ... kept going, lol.

What was it that I thought we'd have a look at? SuperMathsWorld.

I've indicated the areas tama 1 covered in the table below but I'll expand just a little further what a couple of them involved:
  1. Coins - granted, it was all in English pounds, pennies and pence, however it is all relevant as it still requires him to add and differentiate the values of each. He had to add up to a top amount of £10.
  2. Counting - we skipped most levels and went to level 6 - counting up, eg 10 more than 25 equals. Similarly with level 7 - counting down, eg 9 less than 90 equals. Count below zero was fun, eg 14 less than 10 equals. Tama 1 seemed to grasp the concept easily enough ... considering I wasn't sure if I had explained it very well, lol.
For Language Arts I thought it timely to discuss syllables. We had fun 'connecting the dots' so to speak, eg VCV. Tama 1 was relatively comfortable picking up the idea so at the completion of that part of our work we had a little break after which I thought we'd try something simple. To give him a good feeling of accomplishment we did some abbreviations. As abbreviations aren't new for tama 1, he understood and correctly answered the exercises, therefore we finished that session on a positive as I had hoped.

Because he was happy with having correctly answered the above, I decided to close the day with none other than synonyms and antonyms. Again, relatively straight forward so he did very well. Although the terms themselves were new and tricky to say, he definitely had no problems interpreting the two. It's always nice to find something new to learn that is easy to pick up (especially at the end of the day). It just helps to keep everyone's spirits up.
Today tamāhine 1 did a great deal of reading. She may not have noticed it, but I hardly helped her. Reading from her Math-U-See workbook helps her to understand the terminology --> well, that's from my perspective at least.

Working with the Montessori online reading programme I have definitely noticed her speed of reading has improved. As much as I think she could persevere and attempt a few extra lessons, I think two at a time is plenty because I like to mix things for her rather than get bogged down with the same stuff. Variety always helps, especially when the kids see each other using something different that they haven't tried yet. What one tries, the other one wants to, too.

So, to give her something different today I thought we'd try an exercise in discussing people's jobs, eg What is a chef? A cook in charge of a restaurant kitchen. What is a doctor? A person trained to help sick people or animals.

I've just realised I missed out her handwriting on the table above. Well, she did two pages and made a lovely job of her work. As I mentioned in a previous post I've started tamāhine 1 writing on smaller lines. Today she slipped in a couple of areas, ie dropped her writing to a different line so it's not all on the one line ... if you catch my drift? Other than that, tamāhine 1's writing is looking better each day.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with our efforts today. The children worked a lot, but they played a lot too. I'm quite sure I didn't burn them out. (I don't think there's much chance of that when I have littlies interrupting us all the time, but I am always mindful to keep a check on their engagement to tasks.) We talked a lot about the learning process, ie that it's okay to get things wrong. I pointed out I answered a particular question wrong, but accepted the correct answer and moved on, so I hope that encouraged them to enjoy learning.

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