Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station


I've copied the exact message Barbara has sent out as she explains it quite clearly. Follow the link at the bottom for further details.

It looks like this is the first home schooling group in the World to
have this opportunity:

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Wednesday 26th November 2008 at the moment 3:27pm

This Wednesday, 11 school children from the Wairarapa Home Schooling
Association will ask questions of an astronaut on the International
Space Station via Amateur Radio, in what will be New Zealand's second
organised contact, though it is number 387 for the ISS. It also
appears to be the 1st time a group of home-schoolers have contacted
the ISS. Typically, the time allowed for questions is about 10
minutes, and in this time, up to 15 questions can be asked and replies
given. The questions are of general interest.

The astronaut the children will be speaking to is American Radio
Amateur Mike Finke (KE5AET), this is Mike's 2nd expedition on the ISS.
Mike is a very keen amateur radio operator and has operated from
space before. He is one of 9 astronauts on the space station at
present. The International Space station orbits the earth every 90
minutes at an altitude of 370 km at a speed of 27,000 km/hour. The
Space Shuttle Endeavour docked with the ISS on Monday 17th November,
and is scheduled to stay docked to the ISS for 14 days before
returning to earth.

To read more and to find out how you can listen in go to:



Sorry for the late notice, but I haven't been checking my emails for a few days. Hopefully somebody out there manages to read it in time to join in. I hope the kids and I don't miss it.

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