Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Always trying something new

Well, it may have taken me a few hours to make the above calendar, but yay, I did it. Please excuse the unimaginative title; t'was not easy for me to find the time to sit down and nut out how Google Calendar works for starters! It wasn't until I was ready to post it here that I realised I hadn't given it a name. Next time I think I'll leave the title off altogether to save my more brain from trying to be creative. (I actually have difficulty trying to name the blog posts let alone decide on titles for calendars!! lol)

[ ... Interestingly enough, I couldn't use Google Calendar under Firefox ... here's the blurb it said under Firefox:

Your browser does not appear to support JavaScript but this page needs to use JavaScript to display correctly. You can visit the HTML-only version of this page at etc etc

which is completely bizarre because I access lots of things with javascript. I tried under Tools, Options to see if 'enable javascript' was checked, and it was ... so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it wouldn't work under Firefox.

... And as for Internet Explorer well, yes, it would open BUT it would continuously have a system's breakdown ... aargh!!!! ]

Frustration aside, (typical muggins me!) I decided to persevere and am satisfied with the end result. The reason I mention the above is two-fold. Firstly, for those thinking of using it just beware of possibly tearing your hair out. Secondly, if any clever bunny happens along my blog who would kindly like to share their knowledge, I'd be open to your suggestions.

Now, although today's calender doesn't detail the lessons as I've done in previous schedules, I will attempt to do so tomorrow. The #1 exercise for today was simply to achieve the above. One can always improve from here, nē rā?

Okay, I've since gone through Control Panel and both IE and Mozilla are checked for default browsers. Am I supposed to only have one checked? I don't think so because I've just asked my brother and he has them working okay. My conclusion: leave it till tomorrow to see if I can figure it out with a clearer mind.

Dear oh dear, my post was meant to be chatting about school and how we're getting into the "end-of-year-wind-down" mode due to the beautiful weather and the talk of Christmas around the corner. I was also going to talk about two projects we've got in the wings. The first project is for Astronomy which I half-pie started last night and had all good intentions of working on this afternoon ... however, I'm sure it won't take you too much to figure out why I didn't "get round to it", lol.
The second project is a lesson plan for Language Arts. I raced out to the whare pukapuka (library, ie whare - house, pukapuka - book/s) around 4 o'clock to collect the book we'll be using so that we can get into it tomorrow without interrupting too much of our school day. That doesn't mean I allowed the calendar to interrupt school work, but it certainly interrupted my after school creativity attempt.
As the saying goes "tomorrow is another day"...

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano


  1. Hey ... how did you fix the problem with "Your browser does not appear ...etc"? I have the same prob!

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  3. Hi Simon, thanks for the question. What I ended up doing was closing Firefox and opening up Internet Explorer and created the calendar in there. The crazy part about it though is ever since then I've accessed and edited the calendar via Firefox and not had that same blurb again. I've never had that problem when reading some of the pictured story books the kids use which requires javascript, so that's why I could never understand why I got the message in the first place ... if you get my drift?