Thursday, 9 October 2008

Very short post but a post nonetheless

Okay, so today we only covered a few things. But considering one of my niece's was in town for the day, it was important to spend time with whānau (family). Here's what ngā tamariki (the children) covered [academically]:

Mathematics (MUS)
Tama 1
Test 30, Unit Test IV: Lessons 25-30

Tamāhine 1
Test 7, Test 8
Tama 1
Library Book – Knock Knock retold by Pam Holden

The Little Kowhai Tree by Witi Ihimaera

Tamāhine 1
Blind Man’s Buff by Pam Holden (331 words)

This afternoon, Tama 1 benefitted from koro talking to him about rākau (trees). After drawing some rākau Tama 1 had a kōrero iti (little chat) with his koro.

We are hoping to learn about our native rākau shortly so it was handy to have his elder to discuss the topic with him albeit briefly. He definitely enjoyed listening to his koro speaking in Māori about not only rākau but also manu (birds).

So there we have it, a very short post today.

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ka kite ano

PS As soon as I know how to insert a table properly I'll be very pleased. It's not the least bit easy for me to do it on Blogger. I have spent far too much time over the past couple of evenings trying to use different methods but they're either no longer available, not free, or too much like hard work to figure out how to use, lol. I just want something to go bang, bang, poof there it is ...

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