Friday, 10 October 2008

Tino pai e tama


Congratultions to Tama 1 who completed his Alpha MUS workbook today. Until we're in a position to purchase Beta, we will generate worksheets from the Math-U-See website.

Tamāhine 1 worked on solving the unknown. We started by using the blocks for Lesson 9A. By Lesson 9B she was comfortable with the concept. We enjoy using the blocks and shall certainly continue learning with them.

Lots of reading today. Tamāhine 1 continued with Reading Eggs and Montessori. She also grabbed a couple of library books keen to read. I just rummaged through her library book bag and decided to pop the rest of the books I haven't recorded to date:
  1. Mary had a Dinosaur by Eileen Browne and Ruth Rivers (approximately 50 words).
  2. The Monkey Frogs by Jill Mitchell (approximately 200 words).
  3. New Shoes by Jill Mitchell (approximately 50 words).
  4. Food from Another Country by Will Spencer - National Geographic (91 words).*
  5. Sun Power by Louis Capra - National Geographic (79 words).
  6. Rainbow Balloons by Pam Holden - (99 words).*
  7. Animal Babies in Polar Lands by Jennifer Schofield - (approximately 318 words)
*Books she read today.

The only books I've missed off from the list for tama 1 are:
  1. Ngātai Remembers by Noel Epapara.
  2. The Bravest Cat! The True Story of Scarlett by Laura Driscoll
  3. How Animals Use Their Senses by Pamela Hickman.
  4. Whatnot Takes Charge by Linda Newbery.
History & Handwriting

We finally caught up with our written work on SOTW 1, Chapter Four - The Old Kingdom of Egypt. We started writing about Making Mummies last week but with the semi-holiday we only returned to it today. Tama 1 and I are looking forward to the activity work next week.

Although it was a lot more relaxed this week, I'm still very pleased with the children's efforts. Tino pai e tama, tino pai tamāhine. Tino pai tamariki mā.

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ka kite ano

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