Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Rolling along


Tamāhine 1 carried on with MUS Systematic Review 9D and 9E this morning. As I helped her with the exercises, tama 1 tried his hand using an online programme called mathebook.

I'm fairly certain double additions is coming up in Beta so I wanted to see how tama 1 coped with the concept as a wee test-run. Although we introduced adding double digits in the past to tama 1, we took a sideways step to commence Math-U-See and follow the lessons as outlined per the curriculum. As y'all have read, we can't buy Beta yet so I tried finding something for him to use to keep the momentum going, and I'd like to think mathebook will be at least one resource we can utilise while we save for Beta.

Regardless of the fact that he'd forgotten how to do this concept, he soon understood it after a few examples and was away (laughing). By taking that step away from his earlier learning, I know that he understands place value more strongly. How do they refer to it in the math groups? Mastering the concept. Yes, he has mastered the concepts required to date and is therefore able to return and grasp the double digit addition easily today. I had him write the equation from the screen onto a pad of paper so that he could calculate it more easily. Trying to retain the units total while adding up the tens column is requiring a little more mastery than needed immediately, therefore writing on a pad of paper alleviated that bit of 'stress' for tama 1. With a very quick count it appears he did 30 double digit equations. He aslo practiced telling the time getting all 20 read the clock questions correct so that's very pleasing.

Tamāhine 1 continues to make great progress with Reading Eggs. Today she worked on lesson five.

Tama 1 chose from his library books Simply Delicious by Margaret Mahy.


Tamāhine 1 completed her handwriting with phrases from today's Reading Eggs lesson again. She seemed to motor through I thought, yet still produced tidy presentation, so ka pai e hine.

Koro popped out around 11.30ish, so tama 1 read a section from the Great Big Book of Knowledge about earth to koro. That was great to have tama 1 discuss with him the meaning of diameter, oblate spheroid (flattened ball) and geoid (Earth-shaped) while I prepared lunch. Nothing like a little light conversation over a cuppa eh?!

Tama 1 and I continued with the Astronomy theme after lunch combining reading, writing and discussion of Lesson 2 The Sun from our Exploring Creation with Astronomy text.

Later in the evening tamāhine 1 read half a dozen online books and tama 1 read some more from the Big Book of Knowledge.

Overall we had a productive day. I'm still aiming to create a proper timetable, but with the baby and toddler I find I still need to be flexible, spontaneous and relaxed about each day, otherwise I'd be one very stressed mother, indeedy.

One thing I'm trying to do is to create a list of the websites I like to use. So many homeschoolers share what works for them, yet I hadn't really found I use anything specific - until recently. There are loads and loads of helpful resources and although I've gleaned from what others share, I think it's time I popped my little list down as well. It's very much a tiny list at the minute, but I shall certainly try to revisit and update the list as often as possible.

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