Tuesday, 28 October 2008

One down in school again today

Here's a glimpse at Tama 1's schedule:

We are down one student again today. Tamāhine 1 has been away since Friday afternoon with her Nana Nancy in Tauranga. This is the longest whaiāipo and I have ever been without one of the kids. We both became anxious by Sunday and yesterday, well, I couldn't keep myself occupied enough. I wanted her home. Sure glad to have her back with us now. I really do feel better when I have them all around me. Whaiāipo certainly missed his wee girl. Nothing beats that father and daughter bond does it?

Yesterday was probably twice as hard to get through because it was a public holiday (ie Labour Day) so we were all home, except for our big girl.
FYI ... Labour Day commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim this right when, in 1840, the carpenter Samuel Parnell won an eight-hour day in Wellington. Labour Day was first celebrated in New Zealand on 28 October 1890, when several thousand trade union members and supporters attended parades in the main centres. Government employees were given the day off to attend the parades.
That's the last public holiday now until Christmas here in New Zealand, and as much as I'd like to rabbit on about how this is the second Labour Day that whaiāipo has enjoyed since leaving self-employment, I shan't. I simply savoured the moment yesterday. It was glorious to have him home and the weather couldn't have been more perfect either. Just wish our baby girl was here to enjoy it with us. Hei aha, she had her own adventures to enjoy which was great.

So anyway, back to mahi kura:

Tama 1 commenced with his mathematics. We accomplished 36 equations and he only got ONE incorrect. Simple error, so I'm very happy with his work this morning.

As the schedule shows we covered some earth science and social studies. We had fun talking about bartering and how we could relate it to real-life examples of dad bartering with Joe Bloggs for the carpet we will put upstairs (which, um, has yet to make it upstairs!!!! hee hee) and also bartering dad's plumbing services with the neighbours for firewood.

After lunch we read. We went to ICDL and he read Axle the Freeway Cat. Twenty-nine pages with great illustrations. We had an interesting conversation about freeways, motorways, highways etc. "What's an overpass?" and "What's an underpass?"

"That car's going the wrong way. The sign says EXIT the other way." From this we discussed how we drive on the left-hand side of the road with our steering wheels on the right-hand side of the vehicle whilst in the USA they drive on the right-hand side with steering wheels on the left-hand side.

Tama 1 also asked what the radiator was, so of course, we toddled outside and had a look. Had he been at school I'm sure this would have been a missed opportunity, ie to pop out and have a look at the different parts of the engine. I'd imagine that by the time he would arrive home from school there would be a very definite chance he'd have forgotten the word radiator and therefore I wouldn't have been able to point it out. Ah, I'm glad I had this story today. It provided a much-needed reminder why I'm homeschooling.

We again had one of those occasions where I would have been quite happy to have read a couple of books, but because the material in the first book generated such diverse and lengthy conversation, I prefer to let the conversation run so that we cover as many questions and answers as possible.

Right on schedule (3 o'clock), nana was here with tamāhine 1. As planned, we had our main schoolwork completed so we took a well-earned break for an hour to catch up with tamāhine 1, Nana Nancy and Nana's dearest friend, Maureen. They left at 4.00pm as they had a dinner to get to tonight so the kids and I went for our hīkoi. I grabbed the opportunity to review colours and greetings in Māori and anything else I spontaneously threw into the mix.

Then the kids were left to it on their trampoline and bikes. Whaiāipo arrived home around 5.30pm and was immediately bombarded by his girl telling him all about her adventures.

A-a-a-h-h ...

I am so glad to have my whānau together again!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

PS Apologies if post sounds rushed. The pēpi (baby) is crying upstairs so I shall simply press publish in the hopes that it reads okay. Priority has to be the pēpi nē rā?

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