Sunday, 5 October 2008

Let's try to bring you up to date

Gosh, I am absolutely thrilled to have my computer back! I may have lost the odd thing here and there and other than reloading the printers and a couple of programmes, the bulk of the 'brains' is still functioning. Phew!

Let's not ask what happened to the machine, lol. Let's chalk it up to experience and get back to recording school again.

So here's a very quick wrap-up of last week:

Tamāhine 1
worked really hard with Montessori each day before she became stumped at lesson 1.14 (or thereabouts). As the adult, I thought I should've been able to figure it out, but thanks to me, her report card doesn't reflect her correct mark. Let me share with you an example.

Q: "Is N_p a Dog?"

A: Well, on previous lessons tamāhine 1 would be given two boxes to choose from, eg "i" or "a". Obviously you would click on the letter "i" to make the name Nip. Well, I became frustrated - as did the children - because the only option was a box with the word "go" in it!!!!! I could not for the life of me understand what was happening, grumbling at my old stand-in computer that it obviously wasn't up to the graphics challenge. Needless to say, when I eventually figured out you're meant to type the letter "i" and then press "go", the poor girl had so many incorrect answers on that lesson, I just felt miserable for her.

I truly wish I could click a box to redo the entire lesson.

Alas, I cannot. mō taku hē (I'm sorry)

Math-U-See is humming along for both children. We have kept with doing maths first thing in the morning and as our timetable evolves, it is evident maths will remain the first lesson of the day. Why is that? you may ask.

Well, perhaps it's because it is my least favourite subject (unbeknownst to the children). Then again, perhaps it's because we are following a curriculum so the children can sit down with individual workbooks and get into it. Or perhaps it's because the children are fuelled with energy from breakfast that they can engross themselves with deep concentration? Whatever the reason, first thing in the morning works for us.

Following on from maths, tamāhine 1 will come to the computer to practise on either Montessori and/or Reading Eggs for half an hour or so. She enjoys this time, especially with tama 2 standing alongside to watch and learn with her.

Then it's time for her break, after which she would complete some handwriting with a little more reading from a book of her choice to round off her day.

After maths Tama 1 covered History (Monday), Astronomy (Tuesday & Thursday), Māori (Wednesday & Friday), and would then round off the day with Language Arts (eg reading, writing, poetry).

Last Tuesday I grabbed a bunch of library books so the children have ben enjoying 'new' things to read. Mixing the reading between a library book and those we have on our shelves certainly gives the children a variety of choice. Quite often the children are inspired to draw after reading. Not necessarily pictures in relation to the book they've just read, but obviously their minds are thinking creatively enough that they find drawing a perfect outlet for channeling their thought process.

Becuase I mentioned Astronomy just above it has reminded me to mention that one of the things I lost on the computer was the work tama 1 and I started with Astronomy. On the bright side we had only just started it so it's not as though we lost an entire year's work. In saying that however, it is discouraging to think we now need to start from scratch. Hei aha (never mind). Not the first time I've had to start from scratch, lol.

Well, that's a very condensed version of events, but at least something is recorded, lol.

Time to head off and start another post and work on that Astronomy project.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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