Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The days are sprinting by so quickly

Goodness me, the days are just barreling on by! I can hardly believe it's Tuesday already. I had every intention of writing daily this week with something thought-provoking to share, but my brain is just mush. However, I'll get this post recorded and maybe Wednesday will be the day?

Tama 1

1) Mathematics - mathebook.net - subtraction double digits. Fantastic effort today. He got 28 out of 30 correct. It was unfortunate with one of his answers -> he added rather than subtracted. Had it been addition, by all means he had it correct. Ah well, it's an easy enough mistake, lol.

Later on in the day we went for our walk around the track and I quizzed him on 10 equations. He did amazingly. I'm the first to the admit I can't retain numbers in my head so if somebody asked me (for example), "What's 88 minus 39" I'd be struggling to remember the equation whilst working out the answer!

2) Reading - International Children's Digital Library (ICDL). This is the first time I've had tama 1 read from this website. Although it's probably too early for me to rave about it, I have to say I was suitably impressed with the website. We chose The Blue Sky written by Andrea Petrlik Huseinović.

The story generated conversation about the little girl being lonely and sad because her mother had died. We talked about her mother living in the 'clouds' now. The girl couldn't remember her mother very well, but then she started to remember things about her mother with each passing animal/cloud.

3) History & Handwriting - Tama 1 re-read the section on Egyptian Pyramids before we continued writing in our exercise book.

Tamāhine 1
1) Mathematics - Test 10. We also practiced a few off the cuff "solve the unknown" equations. She's starting to understand the concept, and I'm sure with a little more practice she'll have it.

I had tamāhine 1 read the questions again like I had her do throughout lesson 10. Although it meant we were slower to get through the work, I'm more than happy to have combined the reading with maths. It made all the difference to her I'm sure that she was reading it for herself too.

2) Reading - Tamāhine 1 read one and a half library books today. Knock! Knock! retold by Pam Holden (388 words) and near enough half of What Are Purple Elephants Good For? from an idea by Tammy Cameron (she read 52 words of 135 approximately).

3) Art

The task was to rub the bark on the tree and choose leaves to rub as well. As for the flowers, well, we wanted to pep up the scene a little.


Tama 1

1) Mathematics - mathebook.net - subtraction double digits - 33 out of 42 correct. He was somewhat distracted this morning which is reflected in his score, but that's all good. To have normal sounds and activity happening inside and outside the home provide a real-life environment.

2) Reading - International Children's Digital Library (ICDL). Today he read - The White Cat - ca.1877. I had absolutely no idea what cambric was/is, so of course I had to look it up!!! Click on the link if you need to find out too, lol.

Tamāhine 1
1) Mathematics - Lesson Practice 11A and 11B. Superb work.

Yes, I had tamāhine 1 read the questions again. We probably could have covered more but we spent the bulk of her day reading and reading, so I think two pages were amply suffice for maths.

2) Reading - Tamāhine 1 read the remainder of What Are Purple Elephants Good For? from an idea by Tammy Cameron (the remaining 83 out of 135 approximately). She then read One Sock, Two Socks by Judy Owens 286 words. To finish her reading for today she read Families by Avelyn Davidson 195 words.

Montesorri - Lesson 1.18. Fantastic efforts today. Again, we could have kept going while on a roll, but the outdoors were beckoning.

Just before I go, may I please say to anyone embarking on homeschooling, it is without doubt a H-U-G-E help having broadband. When you want to download stuff or access particular websites, broadband is just indespensible once you have it. Budgeting its use however, well, that's pretty hard ... but one which I for one will make sure I calculate each month.

Okay, that was all folks!!!

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