Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ten Reasons to be Happy this week

I'm happy because:
  1. We received our copy of Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy from LearnEx.
  2. We're getting our groove back with mathematics.
  3. The Lotus Mooncake brought us luck. We all went with whaiāipo to his appointment at the Hamilton Limb Centre today. With all of us there, I was prepared for the long haul, but as luck would have it whaiāipo was in and out within an hour!!! Yahoo!!! So that was the first bit of luck. The second lucky instance was on our return from Hamilton. We were less than 4kms from home when we came across a Police checkpoint. The three vehicles in front of us were all waved over to the side of the road but we got the wave to go through. Phew! I was so pleased because we were all very tired of sitting in the car, hungry and just wanting to get home.
  4. I was given this great website! It's all free! so thank you very much Leena for sharing.
  5. We've had more fine weather than wet this week so as a family we have thoroughly enjoyed a lot more outdoor activity.
  6. I have given away to help others. Definitely a feeling of great satisfaction.
  7. All our bills have been paid (yes, before the 20th of the month!) Jump for joy.
  8. I didn't take the bait to join a yahoo group having received an email invitation to do so. Well, I'm pretty sure it's not kosha ... TheIncredibleFreebies. Anyone heard of it? My apologies if it's real, but my instinct tells me otherwise.
  9. Whaiāipo hasn't bought anything on TradeMe for at least a month!! It's been really difficult to keep him from placing auctions on the Watchlist, but at least I've minimised his time spent on the site.
  10. We've had a lot of social interaction this week and the kids have behaved very nicely. Very nicely indeed. Thank you kids.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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