Friday, 12 September 2008


A friend arrived just after 6 o'clock this morning having dropped her mother off at the Rotorua Airport. As we live within close proximity to the airport, we were a convenient place to come to for breakfast and catch up with each other. Our kids are relatively similar in age and it was no bother to have them stay till after lunch. Time just flew with 8 kids in the house.

I may have been a little frazzled with my children's behaviour a couple of times. Tamāhine 2 especially tried my patience as she wanted to get outside and 'performed' until I was able to put tama 3 to bed and then have hands free to deal with her demands. My friend made the comment that I wasn't my usual with the kids. I was a little taken aback albeit for just a few seconds. (I was my normal grumpy self I thought, lol.)

For me, my mornings are like learning to juggle - having to keep my eyes on too many things and occasionally letting one of them drop, eg my guard. Until I have tama 3 settled and down for his morning nap, I can be easily frazzled when things especially are thrown out-of-kilter.

Perhaps you can relate to what I'm saying, or perhaps you can't. Either way, I know my mornings, my methods, my madness. But I thank my friend for passing the comment because it served as a reminder to try a little harder.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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