Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Not a timetable as such but here's part of our day

It's just past 7.50pm and whaiāipo has arrived home with Tama 1. Whaiāipo had a physio appointment this evening so I asked if Tama 1 could pop along with him as both a learning exercise and as time together for each other.

Normally we're in bed by this time of the night, but everybody seems to have found their second wind. Hmm, it appears we may have a late night so I figured I'd pop myself down to record a little of today.

A good chunk of the day was taken up with the children making banners and cards for their baby sister who turns two tomorrow. They enjoy making these sorts of things and I have to say, I am truly pleased with the banner made by Tama 1. He is developing artistically with no formal method - just through play and enjoyment of drawing. Funnily enough, as I mention the art side of things, whaiāipo is drawing with the two older kids right now!

Tamāhine 1 and Tama 2 used the Montessori reading website today. Whether I wanted Tama 2 to use it or not wasn't up to me, lol. He insisted on getting on the computer. As tamāhine 1 worked on her reading, her little brother stood there chiming in - pointing at the correct letters. The only thing he can't do is read the sentences. To a large extent I have to give credit to Reading Eggs for engaging his attention. I don't want to give credit entirely to the website though because he was already showing signs of knowing letters weeks prior to being introduced to the Australian online reading programme. However, I am really pleased we utilised the programme during its trial period because his language is steadily improving which is a really big deal for us.

Tama 1 read about Egyptian Pyramids in SOTW for our History session today. We held lengthy discussions as he read. So lenghty in fact that we ran out of time to do any written work from it. That's okay, there's always tomorrow. Oops, correction - make that Thursday. More than likely our birthday activities for Tamāhine 2 will push most lessons out to further in the week.

We covered handwriting and I was pleased to see Tama 1 wrote tidier than his mother today. I was in a rush to prepare his work while Tama 3 was sleeping so that I could ride my exercycle early, leading to my untidy handwriting!!! In hindsight I should have ridden for an hour to make up for tomorrow. No doubt I'll eat too much and take the lazy option of no exercise using the birthday as an excuse, lol.

Maths was another 'gentle' session. My method worked quite nicely this morning - have Tama 1 work on maths while Tamāhine 1 used the computer reading programme.

I had hoped to receive a couple of packages in the mail today, but alas, we did not. One of them being Jeannie Fullbright's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. I can't remember if I've mentioned this in the past, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself here, but from the outset I knew I wanted to use specific material for certain subjects. In particular History, Science and Mathematics. Whether we introduce Science in a more formal fashion now as opposed to later I can't be too sure. My decision was to just buy the book to familiarise myself and take it from there. Needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival ... so maybe it'll arrive in tomorrow's post? Fingers crossed.

Well, it's now heading towards 9.00 pm and the others have trundled upstairs. Whaiāipo is in the kitchen making me a coffee before he 'retires' for the evening. So, I shall leave the post here so that I may enjoy my cuppa and grab myself a book to read in bed.

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ka kite ano

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