Thursday, 4 September 2008

Not Just Time But Quality Time

Goodness me, how this week is really flying by!

School is progressing very nicely. We're making the best possible use of Reading Eggs before the trial period ends on Sunday. Tamāhine 1 and Tama 2 have absolutely loved this reading programme and I will seriously be left with the question of whether to subscribe or not!!! As for Tama 1? Well, he is working diligently on his own reading and writing. Oh, I just remembered how I've giggled to myself this week and wanted to share. Quite often you'll hear me spelling out words; you may be familiar with the scenario? When you don't want certain ears to hear what you're talking about, you'll spell certain words instead, (eg. c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e) Well, Tama 1 spelt a number of words/phrases this week and on a couple of occasions he had his father asking "what?" (because he didn't know the word being spelt, lol. Whaiāipo would make out he didn't hear it of course to save face!!!! and although Maree knew better, she said nothing.)

Overall we have tried to balance subjects as best as we can, and I think we achieved good results.

Outdoor activities have certainly been the predominate influence this week and as I mentioned to the children this morning, I think it's time to bring the trampoline out of the shed again as the weather is definitely improving.

Well, it's Thursday and I'm keen to keep up with my 10 Reasons to be Happy. Can I just say at the outset, that the first on my list today is a tad long due to the need to explain what I mean. So, let's get started:
  1. I had cause to remind myself this morning how wonderful it is that whaiāipo is now able to give proper quality time to the children. I was listening to an interview about parenting and suddenly I was deep in thought. Missing the rest of the interview, I was too busy feeling happy within myself because the children finally have an attentive, focused and enjoyable father. When I say focused, I mean "I am giving you my absolute 100% full attention ... I'm not looking at you, nodding at you, without really listening to you ... I'm not worried about clients, other places (I think) I should be, or worried where I'm about to get the next dollar from." In all fairness, I must emphasise whaiāipo has always been a devoted father, but stress can over-ride any possible attempt of true quality time. He has always given "time" but quite often I would be upset it wasn't "quality time". Now, I can most joyfully say he gives us quality time.
  2. Through the generosity of family and friends, we have been given much needed clothing and household effects. My heart is filled with aroha and gratitude to everyone. I simply cannot say thank you enough in words.
  3. I have continued to ride 10kms in 30 minutes per day on my exercycle. Okay, okay, I can probably cheat and mention this one every week, but I still think it's valid because not only am I getting some exercise into my day, but I'm losing a few kilos.
  4. I am happy because for the first time in a very long time, I had "alone" time. I had nearly two full hours with complete silence around me. Absolute heaven!!
  5. I am happy because the three older children have really taken ownership of making the toast for breakfast in the morning. While whaiāipo and I get on with other morning (for want of a better word) duties, they are helping out by making the toast. We hadn't asked them to start doing this, so it is really appreciated that they want to help in the mornings.
  6. On the weekend, a cousin of mine returned our double-buggy which I lent him approximately ten months ago. I wasn't too concerned about when I got it back, but this afternoon I took the babies out for a walk. The older three rode their pushbikes and after three trips around the circuit, we all came inside having really enjoyed ourselves. What a difference it makes not having to stop and start waiting for little legs to catch up. Tama 3 gleefully smiled having a companion in the next seat. Tamāhine 2 pointed at things which she otherwise isn't able to notice when she's trying to concentrate on walking!
  7. I have managed to get dinner on the table by six o'clock each night so far. (For me, that's just about unbelievable, lol).
  8. (Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun on this one.) I'm fairly certain we've saved up enough money to pay for the remaining fence railings on the northern side of our property. I have to admit that although we've never had fences until now, it's actually quite nice having our property "defined" ... plus I enjoy looking at the birds perched atop. Whaiāipo has a busy weekend ahead of him, lol.
  9. I am happy because a neighbour's son has returned to New Zealand to live with his dad, so now the children have another friend to socialise with.
  10. I am happy because we do not sit inside between set hours to do school work.

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ka kite ano

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  1. I remember when my DH and I first realized that we could no longer spell words to keep something secret, because our first couple kids had learned to read. It was funny.