Saturday, 20 September 2008

How we ended our week this week

Friday's schedule went a little like this

Mathematics (Math-U-See)

Tamāhine 1 enjoyed colouring her MUS Lesson Practice 3A and 3B this morning. I can recall Tama 1 didn't mind colouring in a few pages when we started Alpha, but then it became hōhā (tiresome). He wanted to get on with matching the correct blocks and I thought that was fine because at the time I knew he was further ahead with his maths. I have no regrets starting him on Alpha however, as it helps lay the foundations for the MUS concepts.

Tama 1 continued with our catch-up on the tests. [I just asked him if he could remember which test he started from. "I did four tests so I started on test 21."] Not even a pause to calculate it. Quick as a flash he was able to answer he started on Test 21. Excellent, that means our maths is coming back to us. Yay!


I like the way tamāhine 1 concentrates as she works on her handwriting. It was funny today, I forgot to mention to her that she would be writing a hyphen in the word yo-yo. Usually I point out punctuation and whether to use capitals etc. Today I forgot. She asked "why does the word have a minus?"

I recently changed our method of copywriting/handwriting practice for tama 1. I may be a little slower than others to make the change, but for no real reason I've only recently made the decision to write a paragraph and leave space for tama 1 to copy underneath in a complete paragraph as opposed to the old method of writing lines for him to copy under each line. He's made the transition very well and I'm pleased. I did try writing on the whiteboard some time ago but pulled back from that idea as I felt he wasn't ready just from watching his 'discomfort' (for want of a better word) trying to read the board then write in his book. He likes to write tidily and looking up at the board to then return his eyes to his book, he wasn't happy with his writing. Good on him I figure.


Tamāhine 1 practiced with her Montessori online lessons. We stick with 10-15 minutes so as not to discourage her if she gets stumped on anything. But she manages to negotiate her way through with good results.

As for Tama 1 he read Arnold Winkelried in his Fifty Famous Stories Retold. He enquired as to the meaning of 'slaves', 'scythe' - which I had absolutely no idea what that meant! I figured it had something to do with an implement and that was about it. The last sentence expressed that he did not die in vain. An interesting story to discuss with a 6.7 year old. Sometimes I may give a light explanation and other times I may give a more indepth explanation. "Some people aren't afraid to die for the country?" he asks me. Well, you know, I could just say yes, some people love their country so much they will protect their family at whatever cost....


After lunch the children were allowed to choose anything to do. Tama 1 chose to draw a picture and tamāhine 1 chose to make cardboard binoculars. Here's a little pic ...

Te Reo Māori
I've not held what you would call lessons in Māori. Words are simply used in daily conversation. Well, today we decided to launch into a formal mish-mash, hodge-podge, completely make-it-up on-the-spot, random style learning of te reo Māori. I'm not sure how this will all pan out as yet, but we shall see, nē rā? (won't we?)

It leads me to a question ... is our son old enough to understand myths and legends? What's an appropriate age do you think?

Computer Time

Thanks to Leena for providing me with Internet4Classrooms. We spent the remainder of our afternoon trying whatever we felt like. I think we'll return and try using it as part of our lessons once I've navigated my way around better.

And then, it was play time!

Oh to be a kid again!

Tama 2 at
3 years and (almost) 10 months old

The children and I enjoyed as much of the late afternoon as possible. Joel came over and rode with them till around 5 o'clock. Whaiāipo arrived home and we all remained outdoors enjoying ourselves till 6 o'clock. The dinner menu for this evening? Toasted sandwiches!! Lazy eh? But after a great day it was nice to have something quick and easy.

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ka kite ano

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