Saturday, 13 September 2008

How do you buy your milk?

For a little bit of silliness I thought I'd pop a photo in of our milk.
Well, you just never know!
It might even spark a little conversation about a daily consumable in your household!!
A girlfriend of mine and I would quite often let each other know where to buy the cheapest "bladder" of milk. They come in 1 litre plastic bags and are the cheapest way to purchase the milk more often than not. We usually buy 2 litre bottles (because they fit in the side panels of the fridge the best) then just wash them out and reuse, popping in the milk from the bladder. We usually buy ours from our local butcher, but typically this cheap option is very popular so you have to be in quick before everybody else snaps them up!

The range of milk is more confusing than ever these days. We stick to the standard blue top (again, because of price factor). You have the mega, trim, super trim (yuck! Sorry, but it's just watered down to the point where I think you're better off going without milk), calci-trim... the list goes on ... and on ... and on!!

Actually if you fancy a little side-trip, head over to the Anchor products to give you just one brand's idea of the variety available in New Zealand. While you're there you may like to check out the Kids Corner where it takes you on a little factory tour as well as provides detailed information on milk and even some of the commercials we have on telly.

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