Monday, 8 September 2008

He pātai pai tēnā .... That's a good question

With the start of a new week, I'm trying to source some material for tamāhine 1 now that the trial period for Reading Eggs is pretty much done and dusted. So what are we going to use?

He pātai pai tēnā.
That’s a good question.

Well, I spent (but a few minutes) this morning and found two free phonics worksheets websites. There are truckloads available and it's always fun mixing resources. When you're on a tight budget it's really helpful to use whatever avenues you can to keep the children engaged with their learning. It was while I was surfing that I remembered the Montessori website. Haven't used that one for ages. That's all thanks to losing my bookmarks!!! Sometimes computers can drive one balmy can't they? If you don't record the bookmarks (or favourites) somewhere, then you're totally behind the 8 ball when your machine decides to zap everything, lol. I could always do back-ups I know, but tsk tsk, I'm too lazy.

Here's an interesting observation I've made about our eldest daughter. It would appear tamāhine 1 prefers to read "coloured" material, ie with coloured pictures and/or the word being emphasised. Where tama 1 did the bulk of his learning to read from with black-only print, tamāhine1 enjoys/prefers reading coloured print more often than not. So, in order to satisfy her preference (and to save me buying expensive coloured ink cartridges, lol) I think I've managed to get around the situation by having her sit at the computer screen to read. That's not to say we will do it this way all the time, but if it helps her to enjoy reading then so be it.

I'm looking forward to getting into mathematics properly again. With tamāhine1 working on Alpha MUS now like tama 1 I've had to rethink our lesson times. What I mean to say is, rather than getting them to work on maths at the same time, I will try having one working on maths and the other doing something else. Tama 1 isn't too keen to hear his sister throw out a correct answer quickly when I ask her. I can just about see his little mind ticking over thinking "oh what? I haven't figured that out yet."

So, until we get the ruffles ironed out a little better with both of them working on maths at the same time; or until tama 1 finishes Alpha (which is only days away! -> Eek!) we shall try this new approach.

Wow, I just have to say wow!

Question: Is it a good idea to look at other school blogs?

Answer: Yes and no.

Yes - because they are so inspiring and they can point you to some fantastic websites, books etc. Plus they tell you what works and what doesn't work.

No - because you look at your own blog and think "Blimey, my blog is boring! I've hardly any links, I don't have a good timetable/planner to share or anything ....."

However, I shall persevere with my little blog. I just have to remind myself I really only started the blog as a means to record our progress for ourselves. But it's the same old story in life ... hard not to compare oneself to others huh?! (slap on wrist! gotta stop doing that!!!!)

Moral of the Story: Blogs are addictive so either don't read other blogs, or better yet, feel happy with your own efforts.

Well, it may be Spring but goodness me, the heaven's surely opened up today. We have had some MAJOR rainfall (this afternoon especially). I was chatting on IM to one of my brothers tonight and he mentioned something like 20mls an hour ... and we have more rain expected over the next few days! Oh dear, not a good sign. I've made sure the pigs are sheltered alright, but as for the goats? The best I can do is get them to higher ground.

Goodness me, we had such awesome weather on the weekend. What a contrast. But that's typical Kiwi weather for you ...

Speaking of IM. I will have to make a confession here. I asked Tama 1 to send a reply to my brother the other week. Since then my brothers have enjoyed conversing via IM to him. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing for Tama 1 to use IM yet. So long as it's only to their uncles I think it's okay. I could never say I was chatting to someone in Auckland, Australia and Kuwait all at once!!! Gosh, I don't even remember how old I was to be allowed to answer the telephone!!! hee hee

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ka kite ano

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