Monday, 22 September 2008

Getting on with things

Physical Exercise

Our day commenced with trampoline exercise between 9 and 9.30am while mum took the littlies for our morning hīkoi (walk). Thanks to whaiāipo bringing the trampoline out of the shed yesterday it is now outside for the spring/summer seasons. The plan was to bring it out a few weekends ago but the weather was still trying to decide if it wanted to improve, lol. Just as well it was outside today because we had an aboslute scorcher of a day (well, for this neck of the woods it was certainly hot for early spring! 18 degrees celcius according to the weatherman this evening ... but I'm sure it was hotter than that!) Had the trampoline remained in the shed the kids wouldn't have been able to utilise it in the afternoon for lack of air!! Well, that's a tad incorrect. I can easily open the three roller doors but I choose not to share the shed contents with all and sundry passing by.

With our lungs filled with fresh air and our minds eager to get into some learning ...


Tama 1 continued with his tests today. Unit III: Lessons 18-24 Pages 1 and 2 followed by Test 25. He's definitely finding his groove again in this subject. He produced great work with just the most minor of errors. [If he's able to recognise his error when I point out he needs to check one, then I completely disregard the error - test or not. Rebuilding his confidence having been away from it for a while is far more important, nē (isn't it)? Also as a means to learn to recheck work.]

Tamāhine 1 breezed through Lesson Practice 3C and 3D. As tempted as I was to ask her to do more, I chose to keep with our gentle approach.

It's funny that the kids can name the colours of the blocks so matter-of-factly. Today I was convinced tamāhine 1 had given me the incorrect colour description, but oops, my bad. Silly mummy! Why did I doubt her? tsk tsk. Fancy thinking I knew better, lol.


1 continued with lessons 1.11 through to 1.13 during her Montessori computer time. She stumbled a few times with the word "this" but that's the thing about sight words, practice is all you can do to overcome the hurdle.


Tama 1 commenced (yay!) Exploring Creation with Astronomy today. He read the first four pages covering:
  • What is Astronomy?
  • Why Did God Create the Universe?
  • Calendar
  • God's Signs
We really enjoyed discussing many points from those four pages. We easily spent three-quarters of an hour on this lesson. [If the first four pages alone can generate great discussions, just imagine how much we will enjoy the entire book!!]

Early days yet to give a true opinion on whether this is/was the correct time to start tama 1 with Astronomy. Basically, I felt he was ready and so far, after today's effort, I'm happy with that decision... Ask me in a few weeks time, lol. No, I'm quite sure he's up to it all. Besides, he's not at public school so if he doesn't understand we can simply STOP and find a way to help it all click into place until he's ready to proceed again.

Handwriting/Language Arts

Tamāhine 1 practiced along with tama 1 something I havent' tried before. We used Lesson One in the Red book of Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL). Although tamāhine 1 may not be ready for this particular book, it was really as an opportunity to practice her handwriting. I was absolutely blown away by her efforts. She beautifully presented:
One, two, buckle my shoe;
Three, four, open the door;

Mother Goose
I felt compelled to let her know it would be okay that she would take longer to write it than her older brother and not to be phased by that. Now, I don't know whether it's because the kids are in a one-classroom environment and are therefore able to adjust to others working on things more advanced as well as lower to their level, but she wasn't at all bothered to attempt something she knew her brother could do with more ease. Tamāhine 1 sat next to her brother, put her head down and just, well ... got on with it. So yes, it took her twice, thrice as long as her sibling, but I could have smothered her for her effort. Simply superb!


Firstly we covered some previous poetry so as to remind the kids just how well they have done to date.

Then we practiced our new poem My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson (only the first verse again).

I think we will keep poetry assigned to earlier in the day as it just seems a better time to memorise poetry for us (okay, okay ... easier for me!!!! lol)

So, we had a full day with everyone just getting on with things.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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