Sunday, 14 September 2008

Call it Spring Silliness

How did I spend my Sunday morning?

Try cleaning my clothes pegs!!

I've tried to 'pretty' the scene by drying the pegs with a pretty pink orchid!!!

... Did I succeed? ...


Okay, okay, so cleaning my clothes pegs can hardly be classed as homeschooling, and it almost felt like madness to spend 15-20 minutes scrubbing pegs on a beautifully sunny Sunday morning.

Why am I having to scrub them? ...

What?!!? ...

You mean you don't scrub your pegs?! Why ever not?! lol

Today's laborious task was simply out of necessity rather than choice. L-O-N-G story, suffice it to say, I would have to go out and purchase new pegs if I didn't!!!!! ... We'll leave it at that shall we?! hee hee

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