Monday, 29 September 2008

Being lost when I'm without a computer

Hi everybody!

I'm sure you've missed me and have been wondering where I've been?! lol

Well, the name of this short post might give you a clue.

I zapped my computer and it's been in the 'shop' since Thursday afternoon. One person said it was software, the next person said it was hardware. I am none the wiser, so am awaiting the final verdict. By sheer luck, whaiāipo remembered we had an old computer. It's been laying dormant for YEARS, but it still goes. I dragged it out and connected it all up and shock, error, it actually works! In saying that, it doesn't function with any degree of guarantee. Although it's Windows XP, I simply cannot upgrade ANY programmes on here whatsoever. I've tried with no joy I'm afraid. So, I have decided to just use the basics in order to update the school blog if nothing else. My digital camera isn't loaded to this machine so, like the previous few posts, I'm afraid you'll be stuck listening to my voice ...

Short and sweet post just to give an explanation today. Will return tomorrow with a post of school.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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