Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Another good day

Tamāhine 1 is working on one or two MUS Alpha pages per day.

Over the past month we had a lapse in maths (for one reason or another) so I thought it best to gradually return to things, especially seeing as she's gone from Primer to Alpha. She's not quite five and a half but I think her numerals are very well written.

We try to use Decimal Street and blocks when tamāhine 2 is asleep, but one can never bank on what time that might be, lol.

At the moment tamāhine 1 seems to interpret numbers in the hundreds by using Decimal Street better than looking at it on paper. Without assuming this is due to the break we had away from maths, I couldn't be certain, but it's just an interesting mental note. For example the book may read "build and say 451". When looking at the figure in the book tamāhine 1 will say 4, 5, 1 but once she corresponds the numbers on Decimal Street she'll say 'four hundred and fifty one'. Hmm, interesting.

Tamāhine 1
progressed a little further with her 10 minutes Montessori online reading practice today. The idea is that she uses this while I work with Tama 1 at the table. Usually that indicates we are doing History narration. I prefer not to have them both reading at the same time because of the likely interruptions when one gets stuck. At least when I'm narrating I can ask Tama 1 to continue by reading from a section and copy a passage while I help his sister. Interrupting their flow when reading is frustrating for them (as well as myself) and their recall of what they have read isn't as sharp.

We spent a good length of time outside again today. Identifying birds was part of that exercise. Over the past two days we've discovered a new bird around here, but I'm not sure which of the following two birds it is:

I am completely guessing it's the latter which is a Goldfinch.

The first bird is a Redpoll. Their photos can be found at the Landcare Research website.

I think it's the Goldfinch because I can remember it had red around its face, similar to this wee chap's face, I remember he seemed colourful, but am unsure as to the exact colours. As I've only seen the bird twice, I haven't had more than a glance. Hopefully he will return more often so we can update his/her identity.

Well, seeing as we're in the mood for talking about birds, here's a very common manuhiri (visitor)

The colours of the Starling I liken to that of the New Zealand pāua. When caught in the right light you see lots of colours on the Starling.

As an aside, pāua was traditionally used by Māori to illuminate the eyes of their whakairo (carving) and artwork. The reddish-coloured shell were most prized for depicting the flashing red eyes of the warrior.

I've always thought to myself that the Starling looks like a warrior perhaps because like I mentioned above I've likened their colouring to that of the pāua. They look like strong, watchful birds don't you think?

Well, the kids are exhausted and have struggled to eat their kai (meal) tonight. Tama 2 fell asleep before 7 o'clock so he's off to bed without having his meal. After their physically-active afternoon, especially with our neighbour's son playing with them, we have one very tired household this evening.

Tamāhine 2 has just climbed up on my knee and is drifting off to sleep. As much as I'd like to natter here with a coffee for a wee bit longer, I shall take the signal from my baby girl that it's time to say goodnight.

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ka kite ano

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