Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wax Eye and ... drum roll, please ... I know the other bird now

Here's another wee bird which seems to have taken up residence at our home. The Wax Eye or Tauhou (meaning "stranger" in Māori) or what seems to be more commonly called Silver Eye.

Until I read some of the information about the bird, I didn't realise they are territorial which now makes sense to me. You may notice in the photo there is more than one Tauhou. It occurred to me on the day (Friday just gone) that I hadn't seen quite so many of this particular bird before. [Golly, I hope that doesn't mean they will dominate all the other birds?!]

But, interestingly enough, when koro came to visit today I asked him if he knew the Māori name for it. Shock, horror!! my dad didn't know!!!! So, I jumped on the internet (as you do) and we discovered it was in fact Tauhou. While reading I thought I'd try to find the bird I had on a previous posting so I took a wild guess while at the Tiritiri Matangi Island website and I came across the name of the bird. It is none other than the Welcome Swallow. I'm delighted I now know the name of my little friend who sits on my Sky satellite as I ride my exercycle!!!!

I'm definitely adding to my Wishlist none other than a book on New Zealand birds!!!!

Oh, and just in case: to make life easier for those who are wondering which post I was talking about then click this link!!!! (Hopefully this takes you to it? I'm not entirely confident, but I've tried to be helpful for you. It worked on my computer, so maybe my computer savvy isn't too bad, lol.)

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