Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Speaking of nature

There's something about this Crabapple Tree, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Maybe it's because it marks the entrance to our "hidden" track to Lake Rotorua, or maybe it's knowing that soon it will bear fruit, or maybe it's a tree that looks like it's begging to have a hut built for the kids?

Well, whatever the reason, I decided I just had to get a photo of the Crabapple Tree while we took our walk around nature today.

Our day started off with a feel of Spring in the air - beautiful blue skies and a temperature so warm, you couldn't help but feel excited knowing Winter is most definitely on the way out.

Today, while walking around 'the track' as we like to call it, I realised why I seem to be noticing more birds these days. We have always had plenty of manu (birds) to admire, but (and this may sound silly), the reason I'm taking note of them more is because it's only in recent months that we actually have fences for the birds to perch on!!!! Again, it's not that I haven't noticed the birds in the past - and believe me, I wish I could record the beautiful sounds we are blessed with every day - however, now that they are at eye level, I am actually 'experiencing' the birds more.

Because I am home-based now, I can afford the luxury of sitting patiently for whatever length of time it takes to get the best photo I possibly can of our surroundings. So, this morning as we sat down having a break, I grabbed the camera and finally got a photo of what I now know is called a Chaffinch.

He (and yes, I learned it's a he) is a particularly shy bird. A very difficult bird to get to sit still, let alone have him come close enough to the window to be photographed!

The inspiration to chat about nature today? Tama 1 and Tamaahine 1. I sent them off yesterday with the camera to use as part of their Bird Watchers Club. When they finally returned, Tama 1 was disappointed that he wasn't able to get any of the birds quickly enough. So, having given up on their quest to photograph birds, they decided to take photos of themselves:

This particular tree is where the beautiful Tui usually sits ... speaking of which we had one fly directly overhead us this morning but I couldn't have photographed it if I tried ... too fast!!

I love their poses, don't you?

Tama 1 with Sika

Oh, and just before I go, I have to pay credit to the Kiwi Conservation Club's June 2008 issue for knowing the name of the Chaffinch. In issue #94, there is a survey which I either didn't see, or forgot all about. But luckily I browsed upon it today because it lists New Zealand Garden Birds together with links to a few relevant websites. Fantastic! Had I realised it at the time I'd have used this resource when trying to discover the name of what I now know is (the supposedly common) bird - the Welcome Swallow. Oh well, at least I have the list to assist our future learning from now on, lol.

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