Wednesday, 6 August 2008

NZ in Recession

What wonderful news to wake up to! New Zealand's economy is in recession! Considering we Kiwis have been feeling the strain for some months now, it's kind of weird we have to wait two quarters to be told what we already know. Whether we're talking oil, food, housing ... you name it, it's on the increase. Costs are so much out of control that wages cannot cover - let alone meet, the high expenses so it's a major struggle. Our family can testify to that let me tell you! For example, I haven't tried "filling" the petrol tank for months for fear of seeing what it would cost. That's pretty much why we don't leave home these days, lol. Well, that and the fact we need to spend money on it because it failed its warrant of fitness!!! You've gotta laugh it off though otherwise you could really make yourself ill and feel sorry for yourself.

On another note: We're counting down to the Olympics and I hope Team New Zealand gives it their all. I enjoy turning into a couch potato during events like this. It will be fun to experience it with the children; especially DS1 and DD1. They will be old enough to remember these games which is exciting on the one hand and a bit of a fright on the other. Suddenly you look at the children and think "he's six years old ... where has the time gone?" My first born is now old enough to recall history in his lifetime. Eek!!!

My heart goes out to those folk who got caught in the internet scam for tickets to the opening and different sports events. It acts as a reminder that we should be careful what we use the internet for. I quite happily pop my details online to purchase things and although they are small in comparison, I would dread to think I lost my money due to somebody's cunning computer-savvy. I was watching the telly last night and a young Kiwi girl highlighted that our emails can be hacked into. Yowza! Here I am merely saying lots of things over the air waves and I will admit to you that I have had some strong opinions being sent to family and friends when d-a-d and I went through the "curve ball" life threw at us. It would frighten me to think someone might have tapped into that. For all the benefits the internet holds, it is a mechanism which is truly vulnerable and through which one's privacy can be exploited.

Oops, I better get off my soap box!!!! Sorry about that, for some reason my mind took over my hands and really wanted to discuss the importance of privacy. With the events d-a-d and I experienced, I truly value my privacy a heck of a lot more now than I ever did in the past. Perhaps that's because I'm getting older and wiser? Yes, perhaps, but it also came from personal experience that it doesn't take much for Big Brother to be watching you!

But hey, let's finish on a really exciting note. The All Blacks won against the Aussies on the weekend, so that must be giving our Kiwi Olympians the added boost to do our country proud at the Olympics. Whether we get 1 gold or more, I encourage our team to give it their all and enjoy the opportunity they have created for themselves.

Go Kiwis!!

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