Sunday, 31 August 2008

No, honestly, it IS a Tui in the tree ...

Tui are definitely one of my favourite birds, but for me, trying to photograph them is extremely difficult. I wasn't sure if this photo would look even remotely like a Tui, but if you double click to enlarge the image I'm hoping you'll see him more clearly. [There were actually three in the tree at the time, but considering the distance from which I tried to capture the birds, I'm surprised I even managed to photograph one!]

Follow this link to see better photos and/or follow this link to hear its beautiful song. The Tui is also known as Parson bird, poe bee-eater, New Zealand creeper, koko and mocking bird.

Whilst waiting for whaiāipo to return from Hamurana the children and I took a little stroll. We sat down the back by the crabapple tree and patiently waited and watched. The reserve was plentiful with sights and sounds and we all enjoyed playing 'name that bird'.

So, I just had to pop this albeit brief post on the blog because I was thrilled to finally capture a Tui on camera, lol.

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