Thursday, 28 August 2008

Need to make a booking for computer time around here

Tamaahine 1 and Tama 2 are making maximum use of Reading Eggs which is absolutely fantastic so I have no complaints that I couldn't jump the queue to compose a post yesterday! In all honesty I'll miss having this fantastic resource once the trial period ends.

I can certainly vouch that we would keep using the Reading Eggs free trial even if we had dial-up still because the learning benefits definitely outweigh the lengthy waiting. Having said that, I'm really pleased we've got broadband now. The speed with which we are moving through each segment just makes my day. More importantly, you don't feel like you've allowed the children to be on the computer ALL day - which is how it felt with dial-up.

The weather today was too glorious to be stuck indoors for too long. As a result there was of a lot of outdoor play/activity once schoolwork was complete. So, I guess it's as good a time as any to do the next ....

10 Reasons to be Happy Thursday
  1. We said goodbye to dial-up and welcomed the speed of TelstraClear PDQ broadband.
  2. The days are getting longer AND warmer. (As I get ready to publish today's post, it's coming up 5.30pm and it's still light outside.)
  3. I've completed another week of riding my exercycle and lost a few pounds.
  4. We learned the names of at least two birds! Let's see, what are they again? Welcome Swallow and Chaffinch.
  5. Coronation Street is back on following the completion of the Olympics.
  6. I caught up with a friend I haven't seen in months (spoken to on the phone, but haven't actually physically seen each other).
  7. I've started to spring clean ... first on the agenda - get rid of unnecessary books!!!
  8. We get to watch a free movie on Sky Box Office. It's our 'Anniversary' gift from them ... no not that kind of anniversary, the kind where you've been a valued customer since X-Y-Z. I'm definitely looking forward to watching a movie!!! ... hmm, what shall we watch?
  9. My dear old coffee machine has managed to make it through another week (thank goodness!!! Freshly brewed coffee is just unbeatable in my books - especially first thing in the morning.)
  10. Whaiaaipo scored a fantastic oilskin sleeveless-jacket that fits me! I feel really spoiled. This is the first decent piece of clothing I've had in years!!
Because the days are getting longer and the skies are becoming a more brilliant colour of blue, I thought the following little poem from The Harp & Laurel Wreath would be appropriate for the children's poetry today. So, to close off today's post I thought I'd pop it in as it sums up the 10 Reasons to be Happy to me ...

I'm Glad
I'm glad the sky is painted blue,
And the earth is painted green,
With such a lot of nice fresh air
All sandwiched in between.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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