Thursday, 14 August 2008

O/T: Magic and Witchcraft finding interest around the country

There seems to have been some interest in the paper I'm taking at University for whatever reason. The interview on Campbell Live was a far better representation, but if you want to look at the CloseUp interview as well, then go right ahead but as expected the CloseUp team glazed over it with emphasis of Harry Potter more than anything else. I think interest for TV was sparked from an article in the New Zealand Herald but to be perfectly honest I'm not going to involve myself in it with any degree of depth. The discussions on our Massey webct has generated enough involvement for me so although I'm saying 'hey, have a look' it really is tunnel-vision, so it's up to one's self to decide how one feels on the matter.

Oddly enough, I've not been working on my paper at all. I'm struggling with it big time. I took the paper purely out of interest, but goodness me, the bulk of the other students who are taking it have had quite an interest sparked from one thing or another and are involving themselves without a problem. I'm struggling to understand what the terms mean; but, as I'm not one to give up, I must get myself re-motivated. The TV items obviously had an impact as I sat up till 2 o'clock this morning reading. I'm determined to catch up to the rest of them, but I will finish the classical period before getting up to speed with the medieval era.

Yes, Magic and Witchcraft can be a highly controversial topic and in fact, why is it a paper at university at all? Well, I can't answer that one ... yet! Hopefully by the end of the course I'll have a deep enough understanding that I could give a clear definition as to the relevance in today's world - not to justify the paper being studied, but how it has impacted in many societies throughout the world. From a Maori perspective, makutu is something I believe in and am grounded in my opinion that it played a major role in d-a-d's unfortunate experience ... once we sold that particular part of our property things changed for the better, so I want to study that area in particular to satisfy myself that my thoughts aren't so way-out-there. (But then, you'd have to know our circumstances to know what my rambling is all about, hee hee.) From a Catholic perspective, yes it will challenge my beliefs in many areas, but that's all good as far as I can see. Questioning all aspects of one's life is why I think I enjoy the idea of (eventually) doing some Philosophy papers. At the moment I want to do as many Religion and Classical papers to lay the foundations.

Sure hope that makes sense.

Well, it wasn't on the topic of homeschooling today, but education is a lifelong journey and I'm still well in the throes of my own learning curve!

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  1. Its a subject best approached with much prayer, IMHO. Especially if you don't know what the person assigning this was hoping to hear, and you have strong convictions of your own. Poor grades have been made from such differences. Of course, it could be said to be even more dangerous to those with few or none. Best wishes on your project!