Monday, 25 August 2008

Easy Come Easy Go

(I hope it's okay to put this on here!?)
(Oh well, to play it safe I won't show the reverse)

It is very rare indeed to hold a $100 note in our hands. Usually it's out of sheer necessity that we have sold something for cash and it's like the old saying goes "easy come, easy go." More's the pity, lol. On the weekend we managed to make a little extra income which was handy to buy a few of the bits and bobs required for the FVMF (Family Vehicle Maintenance Fund -> of course, I just made that up to add a little pizazz.)

When we 'score' big change like this, I will normally scan, print then laminate the two sides together so that the children can use it for play money. (And no, there's never been the accidental usage at the store with it!)

In actual fact, it is very rare indeed to have any form of coin or paper currency in our house. We tend to EFTPOS everything. I can't recall the last time I would have entered a bank to make any transaction. If it's not via EFTPOS then the hole-in-the-wall (ATM's) produce the 'quick cash' that comes in handy when you're about to hit the checkout line in the supermarket and realise you've overspent the budget and know full well you don't have the available funds to EFTPOS .... sound familiar anyone? ... anyone?

But my #1 method of transaction? Online ... all from the comfort of my lounge, lol.

Yes indeed, gone are the days I used to write out cheque after cheque and post my payments away, sometimes knowing I could buy myself a few days before the cheque would clear to their account (ie post it the day before pay day!!!)

Gosh, I don't know what prompted that walk down memory lane?!? Maybe to serve as a reminder that the world is constantly changing.

I wonder what the children will be using when they're my age? Hmm ... Perhaps it will revert to the bartering system? I quite like that system. Come to think of it, that was also a bonus a few weeks ago. A neighbour asked for whaiāipo's help. In exchange he gave us two meat packs.

The simple fact is, our little family is utilising all sorts of methods to raise funds nowadays, and who knows, maybe one day soon I'll manage to hold on to a $100 note longer than a matter of hours?! That will be nice, very nice indeed.

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