Saturday, 23 August 2008

Celebrate good times, c'mon

Remember Kool 'n' and the Gang? "Celebrate Good Times, C'mon"

About a month ago, we watched workmen installing some lines in the ground along from our home. We were convinced it was fibre optic cabling and now that they seem to have left our area I decided to find out.

Poor old TelstraClear, they must have my name recorded to know that I'll be asking every six months about the availability of broadband in our area. In fact I could probably describe the changes they've made in their online forms over the years!!!

I didn't bother phoning, I just decided to fill in the form in the hopes that it would be "all go". Sure enough I received the first confirmation but that wasn't too much of a whoo-hoo moment because they've said that in the past, only to follow up days later with a "sorry, but you are too far away from the exchange".

But imagine my excitement when I received an email on Wednesday or Thursday to say it was "activated". YAHOO!!!! So, I spoke to Maylene, our postie to let her know the modem should be coming any day. [She likes it when we advise her that we are expecting something because she can let the other drivers know to keep an eye out for our packages. Less chance of the couriers losing it in transit before handing it over to the rural delivery contractors I think.]

On Friday the modem arrived and honestly it took me 30 minutes all up: from opening the box to loading the CD and connecting all the wiring. It just seems so insignificant that 30 minutes was all there was between saying goodbye to an agonising dial-up situation to the full throttle pace of broadband. I half expected bells and whistles or fireworks to mark the occasion because it was truly a major event.

The very first thing we tried? Reading Eggs of course! And let me tell you, it was like I'd won Lotto or something. No longer are we sitting here waiting half an hour to get the programme "started" let alone the 15 minutes to churn over to the next lesson. Tama 1, very much like his mother, can be heard saying "wow, doesn't broadband work quickly."

Like TelstraClear advertise their broadband service ...

PDQ - Pretty Darn Quick!!!

Ain't that the truth!!!!

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