Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Although the kids don't get on the computer all the time ...

As a general rule, the children don't actually sit at the computer (unlike their mother ... oops!) but I will admit that I have allowed DS2 more time than I ever expected with Reading Eggs. When we started, I had imagined DD1 would be the one to utilise it, however, once DS2 understood what was happening, it became evident it was actually he who benefits from the programme. That's not to say DD1 can read every word so it's of no use to her. Far from it, but I can help her with the old-fashioned method of reading from a book rather than off the screen. She will do a lesson and she's away off doing something else. DS2 on the other hand really engrosses himself and when I hear him sounding things out I feel happy that he is using it as a tool as opposed to a game.

With the assistance of Reading Eggs, DS2 has started to make more progress in his language. Over the past few months he has come out with more words, but they are few and far between. He prefers to use his own little sign language still. I think he deserves a feather in his cap/hat (which is it again?!) because he's been recognising many letters of the alphabet for some time, so when I noticed last week that he enjoyed Reading Eggs, I made the (uncertain) decision to allow him to try it. It didn't take too long to realise that yes, in fact, he is making even more progress with his language through the use of this resource. So, we will keep trying Reading Eggs for the duration of its free trial. It will be an interesting exercise to gauge his progress if nothing else. Perseverance in our daily routine is more important than a computer programme, but for DS2 it's definitely a help for me. That's not to imply I leave him on here for hours to have him out of the way, but rather we're able to project it to his general learning once he's finished a lesson.

I don't really know if I'm just prattling on trying to justify the usage to myself and I can't expect anyone reading this post will truly interpret what I mean because they're not at home with a boy who simply chooses not to speak. I'm not an expert in child psychology, development or speech. I satisfied some people's curiosities as to his hearing - he passed that with flying colours. So from the hearing test he was recommended to go to speech therapy - if we want - we chose not to at this point in time. I've mentioned it here before (I think) that koro (my dad) didn't speak till he was four years old, so I see no reason to panic. He has loads of support and as indicated above, he is making daily progress. His comprehension is far more than most people would think. I accept he will be an individual of few words. So long as we awhi (support) him, and utilise resources such as Reading Eggs, then everything will all turn out well.

I chose to record my thoughts today because I think it will be beneficial in the future. Like most things in life, it's just another chapter. One day we will have forgotten DS2 went through this, so I look forward to that day when I decide to browse back at my posts and re-discover today's conversation, laugh to myself and say "oh yeah (chuckle chuckle), remember when ...."

But today we are still in the chapter where DS2 is establishing his own learning method.

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  1. I have you to thank for steering us to Reading Eggs. My 6yo son LOVES it! And look at the National Geographic picture on your blog today. It's of a snarling wolf in Ely, MN. A few hours north of me!!