Friday, 25 July 2008

What does such-and-such mean?

Mornings are busy in most households I'm quite sure, and more often than not, at our house our crew can be rather 'loud'. I wish I could run around the house having as much fun. There may not be so many places to 'hide' for hide and seek, but they still get lots of enjoyment trying to out-smart each other.

This morning, as the sounds were echoing in the living room/kitchen, DS1 was trying to ask me a question. I misheard him and was busy explaining what I thought was the correct answer to the question. However, I was obviously wrong, because he came over to me mid-stream of my incorrect response with this:

I just couldn't resist sharing the moment because he was so quick to have figured out a way to let me know he was talking about a guide dog. He grabbed (obviously) a toy dog and took a latch off one of the toy tool-boxes for the handle. Like the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. In our case, it saved a five minute dialogue of toing and froeing, with mum not actually answering the question properly, lol.

Anyway, this particular conversation reminded me to mention that I wish I was a walking dictionary. No, honestly, having kids you suddenly realise how little your knowledge and understanding is, lol. The constant "what does such-and-such mean?" or "why does such-and-such ...?" can really put one on the spot. I try so hard to give good definitions, explanations, examples etc (without/before) resorting to using a dictionary!!!! Keeping your answers in context to the child's specific question can be rather hard sometimes too, because when you know the answer has multiple-meanings, you have to remind yourself to focus on the immediate question - which can be incredibly difficult sometimes!!

DS1 also makes it a point of asking d-a-d questions when he's home. He will quietly go around to wherever d-a-d is and ask him without me being able to hear. At first I didn't know what to make of it - but that's probably because I'm the one at home all day having grown accustomed to being bombarded with the questions. So it took me a few times to accept this was his way of bonding with d-a-d and once I did realise this, I began to embrace the opportunity: not so much that I am left off the hook for once!! but more for the fact that DS1 likes to ask the opinion of others.

Anyway, that's my morning's chat over a coffee for the day. I shall now leave you to your day and get on with the rest of my own. It's just after 9 am on a Friday when we all get excited knowing d-a-d will be home for the weekend. (For our family, we're still trying to get used to having him home on a weekend!!!)

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