Sunday, 13 July 2008

A little outing for the boys

DS1 and DS2 went to see the honey bees at Mossops Honey, Tauriko on Thursday. They enjoyed their outing and to see the bees 'in action' was a good experience. During summer we have quite a number of bees visit us on a daily basis. They seem to enjoy our bay windows in the lounge/dining area for some reason. For the boys however, it was fun to see them working -> especially in an enclosed environment.

What about DD1? Well, she is certainly improving with spelling. At 5 years and 3 months I'm delighted with her progress. It's on the days when I see her 'clicking' with sounds of words that I get excited and am grateful I am a part of their journey. DD1 reminds me of myself to a large extent with her learning, I think. An example? Well, she will no sooner give me a correct answer, but then forget what she learned and fumble on it within five minutes of having given me the correct answer! As frustrated as I can get, I keep it in perspective because I know she's still learning, but also, it reminds me of my own learning. I can read a passage, think I know it, then five minutes later I've forgotten it. We may be on different levels, but not really. The point of both examples is that perseverance/practice is what gets you there. If she is like her mother then she will have to cover the same thing a hundred times and find examples to grasp the concept of anything trying to be understood. Oh well, as time pans out we shall discover her learning style together.

For her fun activity today, she enjoyed making her octopus so I thought I'd pop it in:

Now don't ask me why but this triggered the following memory:

Back in my not-so-distant paid-employed life I worked for a small law firm. The principal of the firm, John (Hoani) is a tremendous art collector. Our walls at the office were littered with art pieces. His house was very much the same. Gosh, I would hate to attempt calculating the worth of it all, but that's not the point. My point is this: Our house has no paintings or sculptures commissioned by any artist with a price-tag. However, every available space that we can hang our kids work and learning charts take pride of place with the same adoration bestowed as John gives to his art collection. Our kids work (like any parent will admit) is priceless.

I'm not sure why that popped into my head, but it's always nice to reminisce isn't it?

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