Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I've heard of Wordless Wednesdays, but we have yet another Wet Wednesday!

Twice now I have managed to lose websites I had bookmarked and although I've recorded some here or there, there's been plenty that I lost simply because I thought "I'll get round to it" later. Hopefully the National Geographic site will be used enough that I won't have to worry about ever losing it!

Here's a map of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Because we're covering some geography at the moment I thought I would use this map as a reminder to discuss with the children certain aspects as we go along. I use Maori place names in my daily conversation and thought this morning it might be a good idea to pop a few here for anyone interested.

New Zealand's five main centres:

Auckland - Tamaki Makaurau (or Akarana - transliteration)
Hamilton - Kirikiriroa
Wellington (capital of New Zealand) - Whanganui-a-Tara
Christchurch - Otautahi
Dunedin - Otepoti
Invercargill - Waihopai

First up for DD1 was a mini-spelling test and I was really pleased with her efforts. She has continued to progress in leaps and bounds so I'm really proud of her. Even DS2 participates. He can recognise a few letters and its always neat to see his expressions when we acknowledge he's got it right.

We're still dealing with plenty of rain here, but it's nothing compared to Northland and Auckland, Coromandel and other parts of the Bay of Plenty. Just making the dash out to the mailbox has been an effort! Today the postie was obviously held up due to the weather because they didn't come till well after 10.30am! At the moment we have a drizzle and I could probably do with making the effort to check the pigs and goats. The poor animals have had to stand out there in this atrocious weather! Well, the poaka (pigs) are lucky, they get to climb in the little "house" d-a-d built, whereas the koti (goats) are pretty much well exposed to the elements today.

Okay, I digressed ... sorry about that, but it's a bit hard not to look outside, especially when I sit at the computer, lol.

Well, lunch is now over and I'm ready to start our history lesson and then I've got my own schoolwork to sink my teeth into.

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ka kite ano

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