Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Homeschooling clip on Maori Television

I have just spent half my morning trying to download a link that a homeschooler sent through which was aired on Native Affairs . Without broadband it has proven almost hopeless because although I can "hear" it, I can't see the people involved. Anyway, I've provided the link for y'all should you wish to take a glance. It's less than 10 minutes long, but honestly, if you don't have broadband like myself ... then I suggest you go off and do something else and let your computer do its buffering for at least an hour!!! Our connection speed probably hasn't helped today either!!! It's only running at 46.6 Kbps!!! Luckily I had it downloading while I was feeding DS3 and getting DS1 and DD1's schoolwork ready, lol.

Interestingly enough the interviewer said that of the 6500 children being homeschooled, apparently 10% are Maori. I find that quite astonishing. As a minority group, that seems quite a high figure?! By the same token, I'm excited to think that our family form part of that 10%. Can I please just mention here also ... I'm a little bit confused about a point that was made at the 4 minute 30 mark. According to the interviewer Joe Bloggs gets $1400 per year for the first child. I'm shocked! I only get half of that for DS1. I don't understand that, and obviously there's a logical explanation that I've not thought of ... I hope somebody will shed some light on the subject for me.

But anyway, that took a big chunk out of my morning so I will now try to give my attention back to the children's schoolwork.

Oh, BTW, I hope you've noticed I've now joined a Catholic homeschooling blog list? Thanks for letting me join Angie, I really appreciate it. (After helping to form the NZ Catholic homeschooling yahoo group, last year I've been even more interested in tapping into Catholic homeschoolers, so I'm very excited to get reading as soon as I can. Now that I'm studying however, I find it really tricky to find time to even catch up with my friends blogs!! Sorry guys!!)

Well, the kids have done their handwriting and some poetry this morning. Time to get them reading before I try to do some reading of my own. I've actually decided not to do the first assignment in my Magic and Witchcraft. I had a nightmare the other night and have taken it as a sign that even making a pretend spell isn't for me --> as opposed to just not knowing what I'm on about: (more on that below). As there are three sections with essays to choose from, I can actually let that essay go because we only have to write essays from two of them. (Hope that makes sense?!) Better still, they're not due in a week's time, lol.

My main reason for not persevering with the first assignment is because I don't feel I've got a good enough grasp on Magic and Witchcraft as a whole. I only took this paper purely out of interest. I have no prior knowledge of any specific area so learning the general terminology and distinguishing what era certain aspects come from, I feel as though I'm still a long way off from understanding the subject to even attempt tackling an essay at this point in time. So I won't be attempting the classical period. Nope, I'm now forced to do the essays on Medieval Europe and Early Modern Europe.

I know that if I didn't have five children I would probably have a better grip on everything but finding time for reading is very difficult for me. I'm exhausted by the end of the day so I'm probably a lot further behind than many others. I will try to sit down and ask some of the students to meet me in the "chat room" and ask for some help. Posting to the discussion forum is fine, but I need the immediate contact --> that's why I love IM so much. You get an instant response and feel like you're truly having a conversation as opposed to waiting for email or forums. I need a tutor me thinks!!!

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